I have Play-doh in my house, on purpose (Guess how I am feeling)

There is Play-doh in my house.

For those that know me, you know that this is a very big deal in my home. I banned Play-do to be used only in the unfinished basement back in 2006 when my then 3-year old not only imbedded it into my kitchen table but my semi-new kitchen floors.

You know when you first build a house with wood floors and no one, not even your elderly grandmother is allowed to wear shoes in the house? Before children, when you did not realize the absolute havoc they will do to those beautiful wood floors. Those were good times.

Until the Play-doh incident of 2006 when Abby was given what seemed like innocent Play-doh, along with rollers and cutters and a whole bunch of other craft-like stuff that she just loved to play with. As I had never been a mom to a three-year old before and this one seemed so clean (she hated dirt), I thought I was safe.

I was mistaken.

After cleaning up the crap mess she had created, I banished the Play-doh and all its craft-like stuff was banished to keep it company.  As the basement is unfinished and Abby a bit of a scaredy-cat when it comes to the “dungeon”, it was out of sight and out of mind. I must have traumatized her, because that Halloween (and every one since) if someone handed her the contraband, she would reply:

Thank you, but I’m not allowed Play-doh. It drive my mom a little crazy.

Fast forward to the pandemic of 2020 and the need to homeschool OT.  I receive the list of home materials needed and review it. Do you want to take a guess at the first freaking thing on the list?

Freaking Play-doh.

I may or may not have broken out in hives.

I write back to the OT that I had most things on the list except for the contraband. When I explained that I haven’t allowed that product in our home since 2006 she was shocked. I think she may have thought I was joking. As I tried to explain my point of view, she replied:

Oh, that is why Play-doh is the first thing Bridget asks for when she comes into my room! It is her favorite activity! 

Great, now I’ve traumatized both children.

I promised to buy some. There is no way I was going to fail Bridget. This wasn’t about crafts, this is an important occupational health tool. Except every time I went to the store I “forgot” to buy it. Then came the email with the recipe for Play-doh.  Oh I see what is happening here. I am being out maneuvered.  It’s the freaking elf all over again!

Do you have that friend that no matter what you might need (a cup of sugar, a teaspoon of some spice you only use once a year, a margarita or one day I think it was snow pants)? I have them in my village. Bowing to peer pressure I texted M at 9pm at night.

Me: You wouldn’t happen to have any play-doh, would you? I need it for Bs OT. (now I am totally thinking in my mind why the heck would M have play-doh? Her youngest is graduating high school in a few weeks).

Three seconds later:

M: No, I just through some out. I can make some though.

Wait what? Who the heck makes their own Play-doh and how is this person my friend.

Less than 12 hours later Bridget not only had Play-doh. She had pink and blue Play-doh, a table cloth to protect my table (thank you my friend!) and accessories. Occupational therapy was saved. Bonus? There was a smile on Bridget’s face.


Best day ever! Blue Play-doh!

Homeschooling, doing virtual therapies means that every day our world is changing. Today it was lifting the ban on Play-doh. What’s next?

And more importantly, will M have it in her cupboard?





1 thought on “I have Play-doh in my house, on purpose (Guess how I am feeling)

  1. Nicole Mateman

    Dear Kerri,
    Plah do is super good for processing stimuli. Even if it makes a mess, offering it to Bridget will help her.

    Greetings Nicole



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