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I was THAT mom

I recently received an e-mail from a mom who is just beginning her special needs journey.  She googled a few terms and this blog showed up in her search (wow!). As I read her e-mail I was suddenly taken back to that place. The place where I was completely overwhelmed and wanted Dr. Google to explain what was wrong with my child.


I remember looking into this face and feeling so overwhelmed and ill-prepared to deal with a child who had health issues.  Not knowing in that moment that this would actually be the easy time. A time when we were cocooned with doctors and nurses just a call bell away.  Continue reading

These Boots Were Made…

Like most children with sensory processing issues, Bridget prefers to walk on her toes. Which is cute and if she had a desire to become a ballerina and dance on pointe we would save tons of money on professional training. Instead we had to worry if Bridget preferred to walk on her toes or if she was unable to put her heel down and walk normally.


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