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Want to change the world? Make it personal

Warning…I’m on a bit of a soapbox.

I just finished reading a book about WW2 (Escape from Davao). A quote from the book resonated in me as it applies to everything: Natural and man-made disasters, the horrors of the news, the treatment of our elderly, 9/11, Ferguson, police being killed, domestic violence, the drug war and (insert horrendous thing here). I honestly think words from 1944 are still true. Until it becomes personal,until we understand that WE must feel we cannot win.

“We’ve got to have the nature of this war drilled into us Day after day before we sense the whole horror of it, the demands of it, the danger if it….This War has not yet become personal with us…But if we hear the truth day by day … We’ll silence the babble, sober the feather-minded and fight like hell” (Palmer Hoyt page 332)

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My Challenge: Allison


It is week two of your New Year’s Resolution which makes this week’s Challenge so well-timed. Allison of Go Dansker Mom is a former ballerina who is now navigating the world of two boys.  But I think that is like saying you were a former Marine, once a dancer always a dancer just like you are always a mom. Both experiences led Allison to today’s Challenge. Continue reading