Mr. Mom for a week

My husband is exhausted and he was on vacation this week! Since he was home, I got to work like a normal employee. I didn’t have to leave early for therapy appointments or rearrange my schedule to cover our girls summer vacation. So, he was Mr. Mom. He got the kids up and ready for the day (including hair!), made breakfast and lunch, took Boo to all of her appointments and sometimes remembered to do the dishes.
My house is a mess! 
The girl’s outfits are hopeless mismatched!
We are out of snacks!
We are out of clean clothes!
Did I mention the house was a mess?
But, they have had the time of their lives without ever leaving the backyard. 
I wish I could take a stay-cation and not worry about the house being a mess, groceries in the cabinet, clean underwear. But I know myself, and that is impossible. However, I admire my husband.
He is able to stop and focus on the girl’s playtime rather than therapy time.
And, after this week, I think he admires me. He usually doesn’t do the running around. Oh, he helps with Boo’s therapies. But he usually just attends he appointments. He doesn’t have to keep the family schedule in his head, the grocery list, pick up the prescriptions and generally keep the house running smoothly. By (kind of) checking out this week and leaving him to his devices, he got to see how much of a partnership we have.
He is exhausted, the girls are mismatched, the house is a mess but everyone had a great week. And that is really, at the end of the week, all that matters.
Now I really have to go do laundry and clean the house!

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