Crafty, I am not. Thankfully my sister-in-law and brother-in-law are. I saw this post on a redneck waterbed on another blog (find it here and thought it was a fabulous idea for Boo. I figured we could use it as a balance / sensory mat.

Except, I am seriously impaired in the craft department! I am so seriously impaired that Allie will not even let me help her with school projects. She calls Auntie for that. So when I saw this online and realized how we could adapt it for Boo, I immediately sent the link to Auntie.

Auntie did even more research and found that it could be adapted with bath toys ( making it even more fun!

Yesterday in the 90-degree weather she and Uncle came over with the mat. As it was filling we found that the edges will seep, so they recommend if anyone wants to try this at home, to fold over the corners a couple of times when taping. They also used Gorilla Duct tape.  

It took Boo a bit to get onto the mat. But once Allie coaxed her on it, she had a fab time!
She loved laying on it and finding her bath toys. They moved around a lot so it kept her crawling around the mat. Also, thanks to the Gorilla tape, the mat held her and Allie rolling around on it. Even better, when I woke this morning the water hadn’t leaked out at all over night.
Special thanks to Auntie & Uncle who made this happen!

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