I failed, again

Last year I started running. I needed to find a way to deal with stress and running proved to be the perfect match. Since I had to concentrate on breathing and not falling in the road (I am kind of a clutz)  I could step away from life for a short time.

I did really well, not every day. But at least 3-4 times a week I ran in the morning before anyone was awake. I even did a 5K in the fall and was extremely proud of myself. My husband also did the 5K without any training, and I admit to being quite jealous.

My problem is I am a fair-weather runner. I do not run in the rain, the cold, extreme heat or the snow. So after I did the 5K it got cold and I stopped. I had every intention of restarting in the spring. But oops, it is summer and I still haven’t begun running.

And I need to. Not just for the stress but for the thighs and butt.

Except it is 90 flipping degrees (or felt like it) and the bedroom is air conditioned. So I failed, again.

Last night I was determined to wake up early enough to have enough time to get in a quick training run/walk, get ready for work and get the girls ready for the day.
Then today, THE DAY I was going to get up and go…it was raining. Who can run in a thunderstorm.

But tomorrow, for sure. Right?

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