Fireworks and other milestones

This weekend we went on our annual trip to my husband’s semi-family reunion. It is just a couple of in-laws and cousins. L opens her barn (yep, she lives in a barn) to us the first weekend in August. We drive up with our camper so we have AC and a quiet place to sleep. We play in her pool, eat a lot of food and just catch up with one another. Boo is the youngest and Auntie D is the oldest at 88 years young (side note, she and Uncle O have been married 67 years, can you imagine?).

L’s town does an annual homecoming with a fair and fireworks. Generally the girls and I watch the fireworks from the car.  The fireworks literally go BOOM right over your head and the noise is a little much for both girls. Last year Allie graciously offered to keep me company in the safety of the car. But this year she was determined to film the show.

Not only did Allie take an awesome video (with commentary, of course) and great photos, both she and Boo watched the entire show with the family. Okay, Boo didn’t really watch the show. But in between asking if she could give the lights a hug, she was vocal in telling me “I don’t like” (a whole sentence, speech therapy in action).

A milestone for both girls, watching fireworks!

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