Slowing to Boo’s speed

Last night Allie had a sleep over with her Gram, Husband was working so it let Boo, crazy puppy and I alone in the house. Without any distractions. Serendipitously, Boo’s therapy got canceled at the last minute. 

It was kind of awesome.

We got home right after school, rather than hours later (well after a stop for Gelato and Pinot Grigio) . We had french toast for dinner. We sat on the stairs for 10 minutes after Boo told me to “sit down” “here” and patted the seat next to her. Later in the afternoon she sat at the kitchen table as I finshed the dishes and called me over. “Come ere” “sit down”. From the child who was only had 15 words 3 months ago her demands were music to my ears! So I sat. down. here.

Normally I am running around like a crazy person. Especially after working all day. But last night I let Boo set the pace. Unlike the rest of us (at least in this family), Boo is content to just sit. 

And bonus, she was asleep by 7pm. Alone in the house, with a sleeping Boo, content pup, gelato, pinot and a new book.

Simply, awesome.

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