We are outta here

We are heading to a campground with power. With 50 of our closet friends.It’s like staying at the Ritz for us. Usually we camp and it is a lot more rustic. But we are going this week and camping in style.  Well, neon for the theme night pot luck dinner. That’s a style, right? 

I have 4 dozen whoopee pies made, 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies and 3 dozen half-moon cookies made for the pot luck. And three bottles of wine. That should be enough, right?

Allie is over the moon. There will be kids her age there. Even the big kids are great, allowing the younger ones to tag along. 

Boo has no idea what is going on. But she has unpacked the suitcase a million times. Okay, I exaggerate. Only a thousand.

Crazy puppy is happy. He is not going camping but to a friends house to be spoiled rotten without any Boo’s using his back to head-bang.

Husband is excited. It’s not his type of camping (too many amenities) but he will be with 50 of his closest friends. And there will be beer, fire and fireworks. 

I’m stressed. I already told you once about my lack of packing talent. Combined with knowing there is a river RIGHT NEXT to the campsite and knowing Boo has a tendency to well, wander. And I have to wear neon for theme night. My outfit looks like Olivia Newton John in Let’s Get Physical. Except in yellow.

But with the wine and whoopee pies, it should be fine. Right?

I will post pics next week. Until then stay sane 🙂 



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