The Plague

The Plague has invaded our house. First Boo, then me and just when I thought it was safe to disinfect the house…Allie and husband came down with it last night. I finally escaped to work this morning. My poor mother is flying in this morning. I called to warn her of the Plague. She is coming anyway. She misses the girls and hasn’t seen them since May.

I cannot wait for her to see the changes is Boo. She has progressed so much with the summer program. The rest of the family is coming later in the week. But my mom wanted some Grandma time. With Boo on break and Allie still on summer vacation, mom has a lot of visiting planned.

I did warn her about the Plague. She is coming anyway.

Gotta love your mom!

1 thought on “The Plague

  1. charity

    oh wow i dislike having sick kids. lexi has a cough and im praying it doesn't stay around for another 6 weeks like the last one did. hope your husband and allie get better and your mom gets lucky and not catch it



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