Who needs couple time?

It’s been a while since my husband & I have gone out alone together. We have this great Irish pub we love. Since I was dying for a hamburger I convinced my husband to ask his mom to babysit so we could go out to dinner. Alone. Just the two of us.

Well we are really not go at doing that! At Boo’s therapy he mentions to her OT that we are going to this Pub. She loves that place, so next thing we know…..

Sitting at the bar and Boo’s therapist walks in. Not just one of them either…five of them! We had a great time. It was cool because we didn’t focus on Boo (other than how cute she is). We talked about their lives, what was going on in one of the other therapists lives, their crazy parents, everything under the sun.

I always joke that since Boo has been going to this center since she was 3m old, we are no longer patients but family.

Last night proved it 🙂

8 thoughts on “Who needs couple time?

  1. AlongCameTheBird

    That's too funny! And yes, most therapists do become family, I totally agree. In fact, when we had to leave the speech and occupational therapist that had been with us since diagnosis, I cried. It felt like a divorce or something. So, when we put Lily in kindergarten, I got her back in private therapy with those original therapists. We're “reunited and it feels so good”! 🙂


  2. Champion's Mommy

    That does sound like fun! One of the things I've always really prayed for has been to have therapists that we are really close with. We've had quite a bit of change though so we're still waiting for it to happen. I love this though! And Boo…is…so…cute!! I love her red hair and that smile!


  3. Big brother, Little sister.

    Fantastic that you had a night out and with friends (aka therapists) …..is it wrong to say that if i saw any of coopers past therapists while out i might possibly run in the oppositie direction? 😉 its been a good year since Andrew and I went out…..unless you count haivng Woody! Hope you have another date night soon!



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