Things never imagined

When I became a mom I had absolutely no idea I would also become a mystical figure. I have morphed into Santa Claus, an Easter Bunny, a Leprechaun (don’t ask), had to dress up for Halloween and become a fairy. Not just any fairy mind you, but the all important Tooth Fairy.

And did you know that every person has their own special fairy? Yup, me neither. I thought they were all named Tooth Fairy. But as I found last night. This, my friends is not true. There is more to this than when we were little. Now there are notes and expectations I never in  my life imagined.

 Not only did I have to think of a name (Annabeth–I am reading the Percy Series), I had to figure out what I like to do (ride Pegasus and Unicorns), did I know a tooth fairy named Celestia (nope, but apparently Annabeth recalled Allie reading a fairy book with a fairy named Zoe). On the back was a lovely picture Allie had drawn.

So Annabeth took the picture and tooth. She left a note of reply and a dollar bill. Allie woke up this morning and proclaimed: This is horrible! My fairy took my presents but didn’t leave me anything. And last year I got FIVE DOLLARS!!!

Now, I was sure COMPLETELY sure that Annabeth had taken care of everything late last night when Boo was up screaming. I asked Allie if she was sure, did she check under all of her pillows. Nope. Annabeth is a foolish fairy who didn’t realize that she was supposed to put the treasure right where Allie expected it to be. Except, Allie is kind of worried.

You see, last year she got FIVE dollars. And this year the Tooth Fairy Annabeth only left her ONE dollar. Allie said she figured out why:

“Wow, I guess you and Daddy were right. The economy is so bad even the Tooth Fairy had to cut back”.

Lessons learned, my friends, lessons learned.

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