As if the holidays are not stressful enough?

I am filing this one under another important piece of information that is left out of the parenting manual that no one gives you. Last night Allie left a note for her Elf, Max. I am unsure if you were told about the Elf on the Shelf (it was left out of my manual). But Santa sent Allie’s when she entered first grade. I thought for sure she would say, hey this is a doll.

Not my Allie. Not the true believer. This year she started leaving notes! Now not only do I have to remember to re-hide the little red bundle of joy, I have to write back! In a handwriting that is not my own. Last night, this is the note she left:

Why does Santa say I have to work harder? Does Alex like me? Do you want a dog or a cat? I got to see a whale show. what is your favorite game to play? Is there dogs at the work shop? Do you ride reindeer? Go up stairs and take a left if your at the a door go the other way. Go straight if you see a cottage go in it me and Emma decorated it for you! Do you know Benjamin Button?

I wanted to write, Well Santa says you have to work harder because you were an absolute bear to your father this morning! And to tell her that at 9 years old she shouldn’t like boys. Instead, I sent a plea on Facebook to find out which of her friends had a Benjamin so I could be a good Elf and write a proper response. (How much do you want to bet it’s “THAT” boy’s elf?), I wrote in my left hand for about a minute and then figured if she cannot figure out that this doll isn’t really going to the North Pole every night then I am going to take a chance she won’t recognize my handwriting.

I am sending very un-Christmas like vibes to whomever invented this torture.

2 thoughts on “As if the holidays are not stressful enough?

  1. starfishtherapies

    I was at my friends house last night and at 12am she had to remember to respond to her daughter's note to their elf too! She uses all caps as her 'other' handwriting if that helps. She too gets lots of questions, my favorite was Does Santa have an 'in-between' list!



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