So Long 2012

The New Year is here and I am very optimistic. Crazy, eh? Until I look at 2012 and realize it really wasn’t as bad as all the news channels make you believe. In fact we learned quite a lot.

For example, In Feb 2012 we went on a ski trip with another family. Allie learned that she HATED ski school and wondered why the heck she had to go to school when it was February VACATION. But my man and I got to ski for two whole days as one of our friends is a non-skiier and fully prepared/competent/caring enough to babysit Boo at the condo while we realized that our 40+ year old bodies do not quite ski as well as our 20 year old bodies used to.

In April we went to VA for Easter where we learned that you cannot hide chocolate eggs outside. They melt. I mean, melt as in becomes chocolate syrup. M&M’s lied to  us. Well not really. They might not melt in our hands but they sure did in the plastic egg.

In June I started blogging and learned that I am so not alone. There are plenty of moms out there being tortured by their family, in-laws, husbands and children. And yes, we all love our children, husbands and in-laws. They just drive us nuts sometimes. Blogging has allowed me to laugh, cry vent and learn. I have “met” (can you meet people you have never seen in person?) so many great people since then. All of us on a similar journey with different speed bumps.

In July I learned that Boo loves the sensory mat her aunt made her. I also learned that if you leave it on the deck the crazy puppy will think it is a water bed and bust it open trying to get the toys.

In September I learned that it was okay to be an idiot once in a while. As long as you accept and love your child more often than not. ALOT more often than not.

In October, I learned to be an advocate when Ann Coulter really ticked me (and a gazillion other people) off.

In November I learned that it was not only possible to travel to Disney with Boo, but enjoyable. I also learned that you can get Allie all the way to Orlando without her ever knowing she is going to the Happiest Place on Earth.

In December we all learned that the World is a pretty dark place sometimes. But the deaths in New Town does not define those families, the children’s lives did. (I refuse to give any more attention to the killer). I also learned that while the world is sometimes dark, Boo’s smile and Allie’s wit will always brighten my day.

So bring it on 2013. We might have ended the year on a bleak note. But as I hold onto my family, I know that it will all be okay. Happy New Year everyone!

Photo taken by: Lisa Perez Fine Art Photography

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