I’m going to be honest. I typically do not believe in fate. I believe that we shape our own destiny based on choice. I struggle with divine intervention, as I believe first God doesn’t care who wins the Superbowl, second He  would be a loving God and wouldn’t allow Sandy Hook-type events to happen and third that God would realize I am ill-equipped to handle any child let alone one with special needs.  

But every once in a while something happens that makes me ponder how control I do have over my life, how much is left to fate and divine intervention.

Boo has yoga at J’s house on Saturday mornings and Allie recently began Pony Club at the exact same time (poor planning on my part, I admit). Usually it is not a problem and when my husband is on duty I can move yoga to a later time. Last weekend this was not the case and so yoga was rescheduled to New Years day. Again, what was I thinking? I came to my senses and just cancelled it all together. We had a pajama day instead.

I just received a text from J, the yoga instructor. Four of her five children have been diagnosed with the flu. Not just a cold, the actual flu. Not one of her children but four of them. (Okay, seriously how unfair is that!!!)

So I am again pondering. Was it just my overscheduling my girls or divine intervention or fate that yoga was cancelled and we escaped Boo being exposed? Because I know my girl’s luck and exposure would equal a hospital visit.

Just in case, we are definitely making Mass this weekend!

6 thoughts on “Fate

  1. charity

    The flu is going around bad right now. Glad that boo wasn't exposed and hopefully she stays healthy. I jinxed myself and got the flu so now I'm praying my daughter don't get it as well


  2. Kristi Campbell

    Wow, you know…it's funny…while I do not believe that God cares who wins the Super Bowl either, and most of the time doesn't listen, and I get mad at Him for allowing things like Sandy Hook (and our poor babies having so many struggles too, while we're at it), I get strangely superstitious when it comes to events like you're talking about – not exposing Boo to the flu.
    It's perhaps a rational, smart, totally IN THE KNOW mindset that is coupled with still wishing on stars for our kids. Still believing in the magic that we've seen. Still knowing there MUST be something more. ANd if that MORE isn't God, well, it's still something. And I feel you. I'd go to church, too…

    Hugs to you and glad Boo missed the flu!


  3. Kerri

    Exactly! It is like believing in Santa Claus as we pay our Visa bill. And, get this, I missed church (although Allie made CCD) and Boo got a cold. So cosmopolitan (I mean cosmic) anyone?



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