Allie’s new plan

The girls have seperate bedrooms. To be honest, Boo’s room is technically our guest room with a toddler bed in the corner. When Boo was first born all Allie wanted to do was share her room. But with all of Boo’s issues it made sense to seperate them. Add to the fact that Boo didn’t sleep in her own room until she was almost two.

With their extended February vacation due to Nemo, Allie asked if she and Boo could have a sleep over in Boo’s room. I figured, sure why not? Of course, since Allie has a later bedtime their sleep over consisted of Boo going to bed and Allie following an hour or so (hey it’s extended vacation) later.

It was such a success every night since then Allie has asked to sleep over “at Boo’s Room”. How much of a success you ask (come on, you were going to ask)?  Because BOTH girls have been sleeping through the night. Through the night my friends!!!

And when Boo wakes up early, she has been seeing Allie sleep and lay back down. When Allie starts stirring, Boo crawls into bed and Allie doesn’t mind as long as it is close to 7AM. Allie then reads a story to Boo until the clock says 7:30 and Allie knows that means the TV can go on. They then leave Boo’s room and I get to shower in peace.

Allie has been making the bed since she is in the ‘guest’ bed and helping Boo make hers. This morning they rearranged Boo’s bed to be closer to Allie. Allie also placed a bench close to her ‘new’ bed so Boo could crawl in easier.

Because I know how easy Allie’s dream can shatter, I reminded her that this weekend and next we had company. This means the sleep overs will have to be interrupted. Allie asked if Boo could sleep in her room, which I nixed. Boo has proven in the past that she cannot fall asleep anywhere but her own bed, in her own room (yes, I have tried moving her bed into another room. Epic fail). When we have company I put Boo to sleep in her own bed and then move her to mine when she is sound asleep. To compromise with Allie I told her that I would move Boo to her room.

Always the thinker, Allie has a new plan:

When the company leaves, she and Boo will share a room and turn her room into a playroom. When we do have company she and Boo will ‘camp out’ in the newly designed playroom.

I’m thinking if this helps you both sleep through the night AND I get to shower without interruption AND the beds get made without asking AND a playroom is supposed to be messy so I won’t be after Allie to clean her room all the time this is a win-win-win-win plan of Allie’s, right?

7 thoughts on “Allie’s new plan

  1. Kristi Campbell

    Hi again! Hey, you know that “Tagged” game going around? Do you want to play? I was all ready to tag you and then realized that maybe you don't WANT to answer a bunch of questions, so I thought I'd ask. Let me know, ok? 🙂


  2. Michelle

    Wow it sounds like they really should be sharing a room with how well those sleep overs went! Kayla and Lucas like to have sleep-overs too and just did so this weekend. Then Lucas wanted to again tonight but I told them on school nights they need to sleep in their own bed.



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