I raise my glass to the SAHM

I would like to take a moment and raise my wine glass to the stay at home mom. Especially the SAHM that has a child with special needs. Although if you have a ‘typical’ child like Allie that can numb your ear drums with her stories, my glass is up for you too.


I am not sure how you do it. You are my hero. The girls have had an extended February vacation thanks to Nemo. I have played countless games of Sorry and Yatzee. I have tried to keep ahead of the mess that two children can make in under 5 minutes. I have tried, really tried, to keep Boo in a therapeutic environment.

I have failed. I have allowed more TV in the past 10 days than in the 9 years of Allie’s life. I think I can recite the words of every theme song on the Disney Channel. This morning Boo woke up and demanded “Charlie” (for Good Luck Charlie). It was 6am. I let her watch it on her IPAD.

Work has been an escape. Even if only for a couple of hours, work has allowed me some respite care.

There is only 4 days left until the girls return to their routine. I am starting to count down the minutes.

So I take a moment to raise my wine glass to the moms who survive the stay at home experience while maintaining their sanity. Cheers!

4 thoughts on “I raise my glass to the SAHM

  1. Kristi Campbell

    OMG so true, so right. I think the key is not knowing. I stayed at home with Tucker exclusively until he was three years 2 months and was freaking OUT about having him in school for so many hours doing ABA therapy, etc. That lasted about 3 weeks and since then, I'm like “hell no, school is NOT cancelled! UGH! What do I do with him all day?!” Funny.
    I used to just sign up for a bunch of classes. They sucked, because they made me feel more alone in our delays, but the idea of them working and us just going places a LOT seemed perfect at the time. I think it's a matter of not knowing until you know…ya know? Like it just is until it's not…
    And nothing wrong with a little TV. I was totally anti TV until I realized that when my husband let Tucker watch it, that Tucker was completely engaged, and pointing to stuff on the screen, flapping his arms when there was a butterfly, etc. So, not ALL bad…



  2. Kerri

    See I have always worked. If I have a long time with the girls we are on vacation. The past two weeks, not so much! But we all survived.

    I was the same way with Allie. She didn't have TV at all until she was almost 3. And then it was strictly PBS. Boo? She is addicted to Disney channel and not the preschool programs but the ones that Allie likes.

    I think Allie brainwashed Boo.



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