Allie’s plan goes awry

A couple of days ago Allie had a grand plan of sharing a room with Boo. Well, not quite “sharing” as sleeping in the same room. Allie’s current room would become a play room. For Allie, the more I think about it….

Anyway, there have been several misadventures with this plan:

Boo now expects Allie to go to bed when she does. The other night she was crying hysterically. I found her in Allie’s ‘new’ bed searching for Allie. How Boo got up on the bed in the dark with her stuffed puppy and blanket is still a cause of wonder.

Boo woke up at 3AM and thought it was play-time. She bonked Allie on the head and said “Story”. (Again, I am thinking this counts as motor planning, speech and hey she had a thought and followed it through)

Allie woke up just before dawn to use the bathroom. Boo heard her, escaped the room and started playing with all the toys that make noise. You know, the loud ones. Allie was unsuccessful in getting Boo back to bed. Boo ended up with me. Which means for 2 mornings in a row I was awoken before dawn. Totally eliminating the perk of the the sleep over.

Allie has asked for an extension on the trial period. She is sure that Boo will eventually understand not to wake her before 7AM. I think she just has her eye on a play room.

So we compromised, for the short term. Allie has moved back into her bedroom for school nights. They will try again for weekend “sleep overs”. Boo has not adjusted so well. Frequently waking to find Allie. But in the end, only having one child up at 2AM rather than two means I only have one over-tired child. I am hoping with Boo returning to the routine of school (FINALLY) she will get back into the routine of sleeping through the night.

Did I mention the girls are finally back in school today? Yes, that was me doing the happy dance. I might not have rhythm but I definitely have enthusiasm!

6 thoughts on “Allie’s plan goes awry

  1. Sylvia Phillips

    Any time I sit down I can hardly keep my eyes open. When Bethany sees my eyes close she keeps poking me and saying, “open you eyes” over and over!
    Kerri, I nominated you for the Liebster Award, The Beautiful Blogger Award, and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. If you would like to claim your awards you can do so at my blog on 2/26/13


  2. Kristi Campbell

    I so saw you doing the happy dance! Good job with the enthusiasm by the way and THANK GOODNESS they're back in school. Ouch. And biggest to me? Boo with the wake up, stay concentrated, bonk the head (she had to wake her up somehow), and ask for story. You're right on with language, motor planning and follow-thru). YAY. And a bigger yay for school. 🙂
    Ugh I hope you get some sleep, too. Yawn…



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