Finish The Sentence Friday

I thought it would be fun to jump on the FTSF sentence of the week.

Speaking from experience, I’m going to give you a little advice on…”

At first I thought, experience? Really, the Boo experience. I am so putting that on my resume! But the more I thought about it, and the reason I chimed in on this post by Finding Ninee was to me, this is the best part of blogging. Learning how we all cope in this Special Needs World.

Speaking from experience, I’m going to give you a little advice on….following your gut. I know, you are thinking seriously? Following my gut? I know how to do that.

And most of us do. Except when it comes to what I call white-coat syndrome. We put so much faith in the doctors, therapists, teachers that take care of our children we sometimes forget that their college degree does not trump our mom degree. (oh, another tag on the resume!)

Here is what I know. When Boo was born I knew there was something wrong. She was adorable, don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t that she looked like a troll or anything. But she breathed funny. And I listened to the doctor’s and nurses who told me I was just a new mom.

When Boo was being cared for Early Intervention, I listened to her nurse that told me she was just ‘mildly’ delayed. That Boo did not need the added therapies I was advocating. EI did not want us to seek alternative therapies. Our insurance company really did not. But they were wrong. Boo started physical therapy at 6M old. She could not roll over. It took almost another 6M to gain that skill. Boo also needed feeding therapy, speech and occupational therapy. When Boo was 2 and still not making any attempt to walk her PT decided to try a pediatric walker. Her theory was that although Boo was not physically I(or developmentally) ready. Each time, EI would say that I had Boo in too much. That she was going to shut down.

Bull crap.

Boo excelled. It took her a month to master the pediatric walker. From there she was chasing Allie around the house. She loved it and in just 8 months was walking independently.

In fact, this two-week vacation from her school/therapies once again proved that Boo needs intense therapy to succeed (slight pat on my own back there).

I am not pooh-poohing EI. I am not saying not to listen to your child’s doctors, teachers or therapist. We are so lucky. Boo’s peditrician has always backed us 100%. They have assisted us in advocating for Boo. But always remember, their degree while important does not make them an expert on your kid.

Your mommy degree always trumps theirs! I am just speaking from experience, and giving you a little advice on following your gut. (And we should totally find a way to put our experience on our resume!)

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This was fun. Thanks for letting me join in.

16 thoughts on “Finish The Sentence Friday

  1. Kristi Campbell

    You are so awesome. Over and over your awesomeness amazes me. This is actually REALLY good advice. On Tucker's 2nd birthday checkup, I expressed concern that he wasn't really talking much, and the words he did have sounded funny, and that he'd “lost” some of his language. The doctor asked what he'd said and I replied that just that week he'd said “truck fell down.” Well, that was the first and last time he's said that sentence. Truck is now tru. It wasn't until his 2 1/2 year appointment that I pushed harder and got EI services. I wish I'd have pushed more earlier because that would have meant 6 more months of therapy and school and HELP. So yeah, moms, trust your guts! Listen to Kerri, for she is a wise one.

    By the way, I tagged you in the Facebook game gone bloggie version.
    The questions can be found here:
    I obviously didn't answer all of them, and the ones I did answer took me three posts to get through.
    I look forward to seeing how you chose to play.

    And glad you joined FTSF! I need to write something to join this week, too. I have no clue what I'm going to say yet and will now spend the next 6 hours working on actual work and then I'm sure I'll get to think about FTSF at, like, 9pm? Sigh…

    Happy Friday:)


  2. Rich Rumple

    No one knows the children the way the parents do! That is a fact. Too much faith has been put into the medical industry over the years. Now, it has become a money grabbing, refer to refer to refer, industry only concerned about the P&L statements. I applaud your time and efforts! She's so damn cute, too! Great pictures!


  3. Stephanie Sprenger

    I am so glad you linked up with FTSF this week and shared your experience. More like wisdom…knowing how and when to trust your mama instincts is an amazing thing. So glad Kristi and Finding Ninee brought you our way- she is one of my absolute favorites.



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