Strange weekend happenings

We seem to have strange relationships with Boo’s team. From her teachers, to her aides, to her therapists and physicians. They text us, just to say hello. They meet us out for walks. They meet us out for drinks. We recently had a fundraiser for Children’s Hospital in Boo’s name and every member of Boo’s  therapy team were there. None of whom is associated with Children’s.

Of course, the fact that the fundraiser included Sam Adams helped the turnout.

But this weekend took the cake. The wedding cake that is. Boo had an OT who has left the center Boo goes to in order to work in the school system. Unfortunately for us, not in Boo’s school system. But we were so happy that K got a job close to her home, with better benefits and much nicer hours.

About a week ago I got a text from K asking me to go with her to shop for a wedding dress. It was a mass text (I know because I got replies from other people). So I figured she texted me by mistake. Until she re-texted me to see if I would be able to get a sitter.

So off I went with Boo’s previous OT, her current SPT and pool PT therapist to look at wedding dresses.

I am so glad I am not a bride.

But I am so glad I went. After the torture of dress shopping, we stopped at a Korean Hot-Pot restuarant. It was so much fun. I also proved that I am completely inept at chopsticks. Thankfully 2 out of the 4 of us were experts. They ‘fed’ the pot and then myself and Boo’s SPT got messy trying to eat.

It was funny to see them out of away from the therapy rooms. To learn their sense of humor matches my own (we almost got thrown out of the bridal shop), to learn more about their families (which is only fair since they know so much about us) and to NOT focus on Boo. Sure we talked about her, but as friends not as therapists. It was even better when we all realized we were NOT in the wedding, but invited guests. 

I was kind of nervous going off for the day with people I have known for 4 years but not really known. I am glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone.

The night ended at an Irish pub, as the nights should.

4 thoughts on “Strange weekend happenings

  1. Tamara Camera

    This is awesome! I know this is entirely different but now that my older one is in preschool, I just love her teachers and I get anxious that while they might not leave, my daughter will leave. Year after year. I would love to hang out with her teachers outside of school! Yes, I'm a dork.


  2. charity

    that is awesome to have a relationship with her therapists like that. i have one of lexos old therapist on my facebook that i still talk to and then her current pt talks alot about her family and every day life while working with lexi. i love when therapist not only build a relationship with the child but with the parents as well.


  3. Becca

    What a cool experience! Getting to interact socially with these people you only know on a professional level has got to be really enlightening. Glad you had a good time!



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