Beautiful Blogger Award

I need to thank Sylvia over at Faithful Mom of 9 for awarding me the Beautiful Blogger Award.

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I cannot tell you how touched I am that this great lady, a mother of 9 kids (my head is spinning over that one, seriously 9???) According to the rules, I have to list seven facts about myself and then answer a bunch of questions. So here I go!

Seven things you might not know about me:

1) At 19 I wanted to be married by 21 and have 4 kids by 28. I didn’t get married until well into my 30’s, had Allie and rethought the number of children I wanted.
2) I love to travel and married a man who thinks camping is traveling.
3) I miss living in the city where you can have something other than pizza delivered.
4) I met my husband playing volleyball. I am 5’2 and he is 5’4. What the heck were we doing playing volleyball?
5) I was completely shy until I hit 35 and no longer cared if I embarrassed myself. Or my husband and children.
6) I work in clinical research. This gives me enough knowledge to be dangerous when it comes to Boo’s care.
7) I am not a nurse because I do not like naked people or bodily fluids.

As if that wasn’t enough information about me, I also have to answer Sylvia’s questions.

1) What is your earliest memory? Is my brother trying to feed a deer at Santa’s Village. He had those mittens on that were strung together so he couldn’t lose one. Do you remember those? Anyway, the deer ate the food, and then tried to take off the mitten. That was still attached through his coat to the other mitten. Did I mention there was a fence?

2) What is your favorite out door activity? Sitting on the beach with my toes in the water and my ass in the sand. (love Zac Brown). Is sitting considered an activity?

3) What is your favorite cause? Probably St. Jude’s because I love that they are dedicated to research AND that there is never a family bill.

4) What is your favorite charity? NSTAR’s Walk for Children’s Hospital because it allows us to pay tribute to the wonderful staff who saved Boo’s life and make her the Boo she is and will be. We have walked the past four years and have raised almost $10,000 since 2009.

5) What job is your dream job? Not having one. But if I had to have one, it would be to be an advocate for Special children.

6) What is your favorite song? Right now it would be Ho Hey by the Lumineers. All time favorite would be Devil Went Down to Georgia or anything by Jimmy Buffett (yes, I know he doesn’t sing Devil).

7) What is your favorite movie? the Princess Bride. My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father…

8) Do you have any phobias? If so please tell us what they are! I am afraid of heights. But I love skiing and roller coasters. I close my eyes.

9) What is your favorite animal? Dogs. Even if they are crazy puppies.

10) What is your favorite flower? The Gerber Daisy. They are just so happy looking.

11) If you could live anywhere you wanted to, where would that be? Right where I am, but with a maid.

Thank you Sylvia for making me feel beautiful!

5 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Kristi Campbell

    Dude. I freaking ADORE you. Huge. First, you ARE SO beautiful. Your blog rocks. You rock. Boo rocks. Allie rocks. Husband who I can't remember his name probably rocks.
    I'm terrified of heights. They suck. My husband thinks camping (without the tents, he just rents shitty cheap cabins) is traveling, too. The army ruined his adventure. Sitting on the beach TOTALLY counts as an activity. I want no job but child advocacy either. We are soul sisters.
    I just bought Ho Hey by the Lumineers because you said so. Unlistened. I'm addicted to Live or Die by the Avett Brothers by the way…


  2. Kerri

    Love it!!!! And OMG I love that song. Thankfully once pregant with Boo we got a little pop up camper. The air mattress/tent was just not big enough to hold the dog, Allie, Dave and my pregnant ass 🙂


  3. Mama Meerkat

    Ha, I'm short too and have always been absolutely awful at volleyball. That game is hard!

    I am a SAHM these days, but I have a background in biological sciences. I totally feel you on knowing enough to be dangerous. I have a bad habit of looking up journal articles, and it rarely makes me feel better. But I like knowing absolutely everything that I can possibly can.


  4. Kerri

    Exactly! IT is a double edge sword to know where to look for the information. I recently contacted Boo's GI doctor about Miralax and pediatric use. I was all, I know medicine is typically used off label and pediatric trials are non-existant…..and then thought oops she might get offended!



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