I tried to cook….

I am a good cook. I swear. But this one time I made spaghetti sauce. From scratch. I used a starter sauce from the freezer that had been left over from the last time we had pasta. I added tomatoes, fresh spices, all the fixings to make a wonderful sauce.

It simmered all day, enhancing the flavors.

My boyfriend, now husband, came home from the fire station. There was wine. There were candles. There was pasta. He took a bite. Got a funny look on his face. Tried another. Took a sip of wine. And….

Him: You know honey there is a funny aftertaste.

Me (quite insulted): What do you mean a funny aftertaste? I spent all day on this meal!

Him (bashfully–we were not dating that long): No, it’s “fine”.

I took a bite, yup. It had a weird taste. But there was no way in hell I was going to admit it. A couple of more bites and then….

Him (astounded): Is this a potato? Wait, is this a piece of meat?

It seems that I may have defrosted the beef stew and used it as my starter. It was some time before either of us trusted my sauce again.

And that is how I Finished This Sentence Friday…I tried to cook! Please click on a link below and join in!

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16 thoughts on “I tried to cook….

  1. Janine Huldie

    Kerri, totally give you credit for making your own spaghetti sauce, because my mom did when we were kids (as much as she hates to cook) and it took forever. I am very happy buying jar sauce and calling it a day. Great ending to the sentence and thanks for linking up with us as always!!


  2. Becca

    My grandmother always used to tell the story of her disastrous newlywed meal she tried to prepare for my grandfather. I can't remember the details to recount the story here, but those “tried to cook” stories are always so funny! Love this!


  3. Chris Coyle

    OK, you're not getting off the hook so easy for this one … I can totally see defrosting the wrong thing, we've probably all been there, but how in the world did you not notice the chunks after it thawed?!? LOL 🙂


  4. Stephanie Sprenger

    Oh my gosh, that is so hilarious! What a funny story! I have read a few posts today about women who were cooking for then-boyfriend-now-husbands, and they are so entertaining and cute! Love it! Thanks for linking up with us again- we're so glad you're here!


  5. Considerer

    Oh I've played freezer roulette many a time. Labels are such a FAFF! Sometimes it backfires but usually it doesn't matter too much. As long as you taste something you expect to taste by the time you eat it…


  6. Kristi Campbell

    Haha! That's so funny. You know, though, I'll bet if it were just the stew on noodles, it'd have been really good! Thank God for wine. Love this!
    I always buy the jar sauce and then add oregano and basil and mushrooms so it looks like I know what I'm doing. I don't.


  7. Clark Farley

    “….They were red, I thought they were just really thick tomatoes!!!!”

    excellent line, and it's the thought that counts, lol
    I agree with the others, the wine certainly is an enabling side dish *.
    Fun Post

    *not sure what that means, sounded good in my head, not as much in print.


  8. Tamara Camera

    I've mentioned this story on blogs before, but not here. I made sweet potato fries once. I cut them into rectangles, dipped them into oil and seasonings and baked them. I even turned them over halfway. They weren't crisp at all! Mushy and half burnt and..terrible. What did I do wrong? I had used already baked sweet potatoes. Not raw potatoes as the recipe always calls for. I'm a buffoon.


  9. Alana Terry

    that's hilarious! When I was cooking for my fiance (now husband) I actually had to call him at work and ask him if a clove of garlic meant one section or the whole head! So glad I thought to ask!



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