I did something really stupid once….

It’s Friday and I am joining in on Finish that Sentence. And this week’s starter is “I did something really stupid once…”

Well, how to attack that one? I mean, I would love to say I did something really stupid ONCE. But let’s face it, my track records is really not the best. To say I did something stupid once would be an understatement.

After thinking about it, and not for very long, I realized I usually do something stupid when a party is involved.

There was the time when I arrived a half-hour early to my surprise baby shower thinking I would help the host set up for her housewarming party. I arrived before most of the surprisers! Last year, I took Allie to a birthday party, knocked on the front door and the mom answered in her pajamas to tell us that the party was the next day.   More recently, last weekend I took Allie to a birthday party. We arrived at the location and we were not just 15 minutes early, but a week! Thankfully it was not at the person’s house but at a gym. I thought I was in the clear until the next day at CCD she told her friend, guess what my mom did AGAIN…..

Now make sure you join in. I cannot be the only one who did something stupid once, I mean twice or thrice!!! And as a note of caution, may I suggest double checking the invitation to a party before you leave the house?

Finish the Sentence Friday
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11 thoughts on “I did something really stupid once….

  1. Janine Huldie

    Well at least you were early and not late, lol!! Seriously Kerri I too have made so many mistakes in my life (an this week alone has been a ton and a half!), but I like you just tried to narrow it down otherwise we could have been here all day, lol!! Thanks as always for linking up with us!! 🙂


  2. Chris Coyle

    I absolutely LOVE that you showed up early for your own shower. That's hysterical! When one of my cousins was pregnant, her sister's best friend was getting married, so one of them ended up doing half the work for her own shower thinking it was for the other. It was priceless when the other one came in and everyone said “Surprise” while looking at her instead. It took her a minute to catch on. 🙂


  3. Becca

    Haha, I showed up a week early to a house party once, too! Had to drive an hour with my toddler to get there, and was quite thankful that the hosts were out of town and there was nobody home. Of course, I did e-mail her to tell her what boneheaded thing I did…


  4. Stephanie Sprenger

    That is too funny! I can't believe you did all of those party-related screwups! Showing up on the wrong day for a party is pretty hilarious, in hindsight, and I wouldn't put it past myself to do that at some point… Thanks for linking up with us!


  5. Kristi Campbell

    Haha! That's too funny that you showed up on the wrong day for the party. At least the mom who answered her door in her PJ's and the mom throwing the party at the gym weren't the SAME mom. 'Cause she'd have really had to wonder about you then.
    And aw! How sweet are you that you wanted to help at your baby shower? Love it! 😀


  6. Misty @ Meet The Cottons

    we had a family member show up a week early for JT's birthday one year. i highly recommend the “alert” option on the iPhone calendar! is set that for everything from new tv shows i want to watch to out of the ordinary doctor appointments!


  7. Kate Hall

    LOL! Those are great! Last summer I took my kids to daycamp a week early. I had their swimsuits packed, lunches packed, everything packed. I was sitting in the parking lot all by myself wondering, WTH?



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