Five minute friday…or 2 posts in 1 day I am adventurous like that

Lisa-Jo Baker started a 5-minute blog writing funcapade I don’t know when. I always thought I would join, but never have. Until I saw today’s thought and laughed out loud. So here I go 🙂

Today’s prompt: REST

Why is rest so funny to me? Because I don’t remember what it felt like. Seriously, this week alone:

Monday–Boo was up all night with her stomach issues
Tuesday–Husband was in and out all night on Fire calls, making the puppy go nuts each time he came home
Wednesday–that puppy? Well he managed to eat FIVE of Allie’s toys including: a clothespin (why she had one I still don’t know. Seriously didn’t even know we had one in the house), a Barbie, a block, a brush (bristles and all) and a maraca. Yes, a maraca. He then proceeded to throw up every 2 hours until 6am. And guess where Hubs was? You guessed it: FIRE STATION!
Thursday–Allie got a pallet expander. I thought all was well. Sure she was a little swollen but who wouldn’t be? Until 3AM when she woke up in pain. Rather than really deal with the pain, I let her crawl into bed with us. Guess who was home? Right, husband. So why do mom’s always end up in the middle of the bed, getting kicked, drooled on, punched and I don’t know what?

And this was just this week. Put that over the past 4 years with Boo (sadly, cannot blame Allie she is usually my champion sleeper) and I think the last time I ‘rested’ was before I had grey hair.

Now check out the rules and go visit the host for 5 minute friday below!

Five Minute Friday
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10 thoughts on “Five minute friday…or 2 posts in 1 day I am adventurous like that

  1. Kristi Campbell

    What a crazy week! I've never heard of this linkup but 5 minutes sounds PERFECT. And ouch to the dog…my dog once ate an entire bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Bones, bucket and all. That was fun. Because of the chicken bones, we had to feed him rice to keep him bulked up for like a freaking week. Gah.

    Hope sweet Boo is feeling better!



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