Thanks, Chris!

Not only did Rachel call me Beautiful, Chris at Hyme Tyme Cafe nominated me for a Leibster award. What is so sweet about the award from Chris is that she is a ‘foodie’. And while I certainly love food, I am no where in her talent arena. That she singled me out in her nominating is a lot overwhelming.

Liebster Blog Award Logo
It’s so pretty!

With this award there are rules. You have to:

1. Answer 11 questions from your nominator
2. Post 11 random snippets about yourself
3. Pass the award to 11 other bloggers
4. Torture those 11 bloggers with 11 questions to answer 🙂 

Away we go on the Liebster adventure!  Chris asked me the following questions:

  1. Do you have any food allergies?  If yes, to what? I am allergic to dairy. Which doesn’t bother me as much as it bothers everyone else!
  2.  Who has been the most influential person in your life, and how? I’d say my girls. Because I want to live up to their idea that somehow I am the best mom ever.
  3.  Have you ever had a supernatural experience of some sort?  If yes, explain. Sorry, no. But I think it would be kind of cool. As long as it was Casper the friendly ghost kind of experience and not poltergeist.
  4.  What first inspired you to start your blog? For therapy. Sad, but true. I started reading blogs and thought it would be a good outlet for me. Not only might I get rid of some headaches but I might meet people in the same situation. Thankfully, I did!
  5.  What is your favorite time of day, and why? 8pm, when the girls are in bed and all is quiet in the house.
  6.  What is your favorite holiday, and why? Hate to admit it, but St. Patrick’s Day. It is the one day of year that not only does my husband arrange a babysitter but we have a couple of hours to be the couple we were pre-girls.
  7.  Have you ever researched your genealogy?  If so, find anything interesting? Nope
  8.  Can you connect yourself to Kevin Bacon by 6 Degrees of Separation??  🙂 This took some researching but yes! And it may be farfetched but here I go: Kevin Bacon, who’s father was the 7th cousin of Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon the nemesis of John F Kennedy. The Kennedy Family had a summer home in Hyannisport, where my boyfriend did the electrical work for a wedding of JFK’s niece.
  9.  What is your favorite movie, and why? The Princess Bride because I love saying “My name is Indigo Montoya, you killed my father prepare to die”.
  10.  What is your earliest memory? Coming down on Christmas morning and seeing bikes under the tree. I think I was 4-ish.
  11.  Who is your favorite author, and why? This is too difficult to answer, because I love to read and not one particular genre!!! But if I could only choose one I would say JK Rowling because she made reading cool again.

Now 11 random facts about myself:

1. I wish I had straight hair
2. I am very opinionated, but willing to listen to other opinions and change my point of view. For example, I don’t think murders deserve a 3rd chance. But I am willing to listen if you have a good reason why.
3. I wish I could be fashionable.
4. You couldn’t pay me to go back to high school
5.  I think M&M’s should be on the food pyramid
6. Ask me to choose between TV and a book I will choose the book everytime
7. I never realized that I needed a support system until I needed one and it was there.
8. If my future self got sent back in time and could make different decisions, I wouldn’t change a thing.
9.  In a million years I never thought I would say this, but I would rather be a stay-at-home mom than a working one.
10. I never realized that blog-friends would be just as important as in-life friends.
11. I’m going to have fun thinking up 11 questions!

And my nominees for a Liebster are (drum-roll in your head please):

1. K from Transceding CP
2. Misty from Meet the Cottons
3. Kristi from Finding Ninee
4. Lizbeth from Four Sea Stars
5. Becca from The Bates Motel
6. Julie from Life with the Spectrum
7. Katie from Dysfunction Junction

8. Kate from Can I get another bottle of whine 
9. Maggie from Maggie Amada
10. Ruchira from Abracabadra
11. Charity from Life’s Little Happenings

Okay, ladies you are awesome so be ready to be awarded…..

Liebster Blog Award Logo
Da Dum!

Time for your 11 questions:

  1. When was the last time you dressed up? (And no, Kristi I don’t mean into a pair of sweats that did not have a hole in them!)
  2. What piece of advice would you give our 16-year old self?
  3. If you could live in any time period where would you choose?
  4. What was your wedding song? 
  5. If you could play any sport what would it be? (you would automatically have the talent)
  6. How long did it take you to remember your wedding song?
  7. It is 1989, where are you?
  8. If you could ask God one question, what would it be?
  9. What is your favorite swear word?
  10. What is your favorite snack (a question from Allie)?
  11. If you could invite 5 people to a dinner party, who would they be?

I hope you enjoy your award and have fun answering your questions. Make sure to let me know when you have time to tell us 11 things about yourself! And, please place the award in a prominent place in your home.

PS–if I haven’t chosen you for an award, it’s not my fault. The rules say I can only choose 11 people not every awesome blogger out there!

12 thoughts on “Thanks, Chris!

  1. icansaymama

    Loved reading your answers!
    As for 1), let me say: me too!!!
    Re 5): absolutely!
    Re 10): YESSS!

    Funnily, I just posted my award post, too! Great minds really think – and post – alike! 😉 xoxo


  2. Kerri Ames

    You are more than deserving. Yup,I figured out the scheduled post thing b/c I had to take Boo to Children's for some follow-ups (routine) and wanted to make sure you got your award when you woke up!!


  3. Kristi Campbell

    Thank you SO MUCH! I adore you and WILL actually answer your questions. Mostly. Probably. I love this: “I never realized that I needed a support system until I needed one and it was there.” Ditto, friend. Hahah to the not into sweats without a hole. Right now, I'm wearing gym shorts. Does that count (I actually do have to wear suits and stuff to work).
    Also, as to your question number 9? I don't think anybody will be shocked to read that my favorite swear word is a good old fashioned “f*ck.”
    Congratulatioins, Kerri! You are awesome. And thank you.


  4. Mama Meerkat

    I found myself nodding along to so many of your answers. I'm allergic to dairy, started blogging to connect with other moms in similar situations, like being a SAHM, and you definitely couldn't pay me to go back to high school! The Princess Bride is also one of my favs. 🙂


  5. Looking for Blue Sky

    I love reading these, because they often say a lot more about bloggers than their normal everyday posts 🙂 So yep, love the fact that you like St Patrick's Day and JK Rowling and want straight hair (my wish in the pre-GHD days too ). Good to know you a bit better x



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