Be forewarned, this post is about poop and not for the funny-faint-of-heart. There is definitely too  much information about bowels. So continue reading at the risk of your lunch. I completely understand if you wish to come back tomorrow…. I wish I could.

Sometimes I get tired. Tired of Boo’s pain. Not to be mistaken for tired of Boo. But just that she has to suffer. I think it is so unfair. I also worry that I am the cause of the pain. For example, over the weekend she became extremely constipated. Truthfully, I knew something was, well, brewing. But I held off on medicating her. She had a GI appointment this week and I wanted them to see her in the extreme, unmedicated. What we deal with when the doctors are not there. So I “let” it get worse than it should have, could have been.

Can I tell you what a freaking  mistake that was? I mean, of epic proportions.  Sunday morning she awoke in pain. We had a get-together to go to. Finally I relented and took out the meds. But it was too late. At the party these poor woman thought my daughter had, well, pooped. I explained that nope she was still trying! Probably made myself look like mom of the year as I drank my wine while my friend B comforted Boo. 

But I was tired. I wanted to have a glass of wine and enjoy talking with my friends. I knew that while Boo was in pain,  there was nothing I could do in that moment. Other than stick my hands where the sun should never shine and get the brick out of the well…At that moment “B” was doing exactly what I was going to do, hold Boo. And I knew she liked getting her Boo fix.

Thankfully the people that know me outnumbered the people that don’t. Although I still felt like I was definitely in the running for mom of the year. We left, still no poop (and yes, I checked!). We came home and Boo found comfort from where she knew she could get it. First I tried holding her. On the floor, because for some reason she liked that more than the chair. Then I had to pee. (I did warn you TMI). So I laid her on the couch and wrestled Allie away from the lure of the Disney channel. 

Well, that worked while I peed. But then. The straining began again. The tremors, the screams, the MOMMY help me when Mommy can’t. As I was sitting (back on the floor, for some reason only Allie gets to comfort on the couch) Bailey nudged me. He nestled in between us. Boo let go of me and crawled onto him.


The screaming stopped. She finally found comfort. I got some more meds into her. Still no poop. But she had her puppy and was more than content.

Bailey stayed by her side until she went to bed. Then he ate Allie’s Barbie. But at this point, I think I will forgive the crazy puppy anything. Because although still no poop, Boo was happy. And that’s all this mom can ask.

In the morning, POOP! Of course, it happened on the way to school (sorry to her aide) so Hubs dropped Boo off with a little extra something. Yesterday we went to GI who told us they thought the constipation was due to school vacation but continue on the with what we were doing because “it works”. That they believe her issues are due to low tone and there is nothing else to be done at this point.

Since I have not one other idea how to stop the cycle of constipation, diarrhea followed by a couple of days of normalcy we continue to try to comfort Boo. But I am tired, tired of the cycle and she is only 4.  How exactly do you build-up muscle tone in the digestive tract?

But I am so, so thankful that when I need to pee Bailey is there. If only he would stop eating Allie’s Barbies.


To end of a postive note, she pooped! She also tore her butt in doing so. But at least this means she should have a couple of days of respite. I’d like to dedicate this post to Kristi in memory of Chief. But well, it’s about poop which seems like an insult. It is also a great testimony to a dog’s love, which is what made me think of Chief. So, Kristi if you are insulted this is so not dedicated 🙂


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  1. Mama Meerkat

    Oh poor baby. Thank goodness for puppies.

    GI is my very least favorite speciality. Mini has severe constipation and has been hospitalized for impaction before. Have you tried seeing a motility specialist rather than a regular GI? If your GI won't help, try contacting Cincinnati Children's colorectal center

    They are very friendly and deal with a range of severe constipation issues. They may have some ideas for how to help you.

    Mini and most kids with spina bifida get put on bowel management programs. We do daily maintenance bowel meds & daily cone enemas with higher doses of laxatives when she still manages to get extra backed up.



  2. Mom Rants and Comfy Pants

    Poor little one. That has to be so difficult for BOTH of you! I've been lucky that the kids never had those issues but I remember a child in a first grade classroom when I was teaching. She would go days without a BM and then would have accidents in the classroom. It was devastating to her and to her mom. Luckily, the kids in the classroom were very sweet and never made her feel bad. I sure hope she gets the help she needs.


  3. Julie Sparks

    The doctor is probably right, but I feel like I have to point out that lactose intolerance causes the same symptoms. Alan went through about 6 months of this and missing soooooooooo much school before we thought to switch him to lactose free milk (he won't touch rice or soy). Might be worth sneaking a little Lactaid into Boo on the off chance it helps. You poor thing!


  4. icansaymama

    Oh poor Boo, I did not know she had such problems with constipation! That must be so awful! I hope her digestrive track muscles will start working better soon! Hugs to you and lovely Boo! And to Allie and Bailey for the comfort! xoxo



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