I am passionate about…

It’s (almost) Friday and time for Finish that Sentence! This week’s starter is…

I am passionate about, well a lot of things. But I will let you into a little secret, unknown by many…I am passionate about ending the mystery behind what the heck was Disney thinking? Specifically why do all the moms die and the Pluto and Goofy conspiracy.

I am flat out of luck with the mom’s dying thing. I believe Freud probably has the answer to that one. Well, he is dead. So maybe not. But if he was alive I bet he would say Walt had mommy issues. Serious mommy issues.

But to more important mysteries! 

Any person who has seen Stand By Me is aware of the conundrum. If you have not seen Stand by Me, let me explain:

“Alright, Mickey is a mouse, Donald a duck, Pluto a dog. What the hell is Goofy?”

Let’s think about it, like Vern and Gordie did in the movie: Both have tails, they both look like dogs. But Goofy wears a hat, clothes and drives a car. He also has a girlfriend. Pluto? Lives in a doghouse, is Mickey’s loyal companion and lives life like, well, a dog. But side by side they both look like dogs. Except Goofy’s tail is NEVER visible.

photo credit: google images

“So what the hell is Goofy?”

Since 1986 this question has been a passion of mine.I have searched for 20+ years in this passionate quest of mine to figure out what the hell is Goofy? In my quest to discover the answer I have done many distasteful things: I lived with both men and dogs. GASP sometimes at the same time!

And this is what I have discovered:

Man: he can have a job, can talk and breaks wind at inopportune moments. Like when the in-laws are here. Oh, he also hogs the bed.
Dog: can have a job, can bark and breaks wind at inopportune moments. Oh, he also will hog the bed (but not the covers)

After this long quest, I am no closer to the answer. I have no freaking idea what the heck Goofy is. But my passionate journey continues…

In 1986 I was in absolute love (swoon) with River Phoenix and never imagined that Vern would turn into the hottest of hot Jerry O’Connell! So another passionate mystery to be solved. Why do girls always want the bad boy (River) and not realize that is the chubby kid (Jerry) who is going to be the hottie?

photo credit: Google Images b/c you can find everything there!

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27 thoughts on “I am passionate about…

  1. Janine Huldie

    The whole Goofy thing has always been a mystery here, too. And I had a huge crush on the bad boy River Phoenix and like you never thought that Jerry O'Connell would turn into such a hottie. Go figure and who knew!! Great way to finish the sentence and thank you as always for linking up with us, Kerri!! 🙂


  2. Stephanie Sprenger

    What the hell is Goofy! Ha! Didn't see that one coming- you always keep us on our toes! And, ah, Stand By Me. Classic. Yes, please, let's explore the whole dead Disney mother thing. Cree-py. Great post!


  3. Dana @ Kiss My List

    Ah, the age old questions – what the hell is Goofy? If you ever find out, let me know. And can you imagine what all the girls who knew Jerry in middle school think now? I wish I had become that much hotter as I grew up!


  4. Terrye

    Given Goofy's love of eating and drinking anything within reach (played out almost daily on Mickey Mouse Club, Jr), I think Goofy drank some of Alice's special tea and forgot to go down the rabbit hole.

    Stand by me was a fabulous movie and I, too, swooned for River. But not as much as my obsession for Keanu. *wink*


  5. Jen

    OK, this was seriously hysterical! Totally agree about the not realizing who's gonna be a hottie thing! Jerry O'Connell. Hottie.
    I have often thought of the same conundrum, my son has even asked me if Goofy is a dog, I cannot sat. I answer yes, but know that no-one knows the real truth…..


  6. Maggie Amada

    Thanks. I need a laugh. I don't know the difference between Goofy and Pluto either. If I had to guess, I would say he's a new breed called the Goofus mog (man-dog hybrid). We can pen the term and put it in scientific journals. I'm just it would take off.


  7. Kristi Campbell

    I think Goofy is what happens when the Disney animators are high. Just saying. Awesome funny post by the way! 🙂 And yeah, what IS up with all the moms dying? That's just f*cked up.


  8. Sylvia

    Jerry O'Connell was hottest in “The 60's”
    In the Pet Parade episode of Mickey Mouse Club House Goofy entered himself in the parade so he's an animal of some kind. A dog I'm guessing!


  9. Rich Rumple

    Goofy was a creation of the mad scientists hired by Walt Disney to manufacture a missing link. If you notice, he has facial features resembling Pluto, but talks like a politician. (Yup, hee hee, ah, ah, welp, that's right!) See, Walt Disney had this German Shepherd that he … no, I'm not going there. Anyway, he's definitely the link to make Mrs. Disney wonder. Your description of a man/dog reminded me of my wife. Well, maybe I should check again … it has been a while. Good post!


  10. thesadderbutwisergirl.com

    I've always wondered that about why all the moms die in Disney movies. Makes me think that Walt had mommy issues…

    I always think of the Friends episode where Chandler wonders about Donald: “Donald Duck never wore pants. But whenever he's getting out of the shower, he always put a towel around his waist. I mean, what is that about?”

    This was funny and thought provoking too! Thanks for linking up to the Humor Me! Blog Hop Kerri!



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