You might be a stalker if….

Have you seen the very inappropriate, non-politically correct, 80’s movie I’m Gonna Git You Sucka? In that movie we learn a true hero brings his own theme music, he also wears platform shoes with goldfish in them.

Apologies, Friday’s favorite movies are still on my mind.
they should probably do a list of the worst movies of all time

Just as any hero should bring his own theme music, so should a stalker. If I was stalking you this is what might be playing…

Rockwell’s Somebody’s watching me because, well I would be watching you.

Little Monsters’ Little Talks not only is that song kind of creepy it makes me think of Patrick Swayze in Ghost stalking Demi Moore. Since I want Demi’s hair and a side of Patrick back then wouldn’t be a bad thing, I would definitely stalk you with Little Talks.

Miranda Lambert’s Crazy Ex Girlfriend. You leave me, I stalk you. If that doesn’t work…I wouldn’t give it a second thought to being thrown in jail. Because to a hammer everything looks like a nail.

Skid Row’s 18 and Life because once I was arrested for any of the above that might be what I am looking at.

Stalker songs: You might think I am a stalker but you just don’t know how much you love me. A Twisted Mix-Tuesday brought to you by two lovely stalkers, Jen and Kristi. Be sure to visit them and share the twistedness.

Oh and when you go over to check them out you will see that I once again chose the wrong week to comment about. Yes, I am a blog-hop idiot.  So I posted about yard work instead. Then I contacted Kristi to tell her I wrote this awesome post but couldn’t use it. Especially since it was a topic from about 10 weeks ago.

But she gave me the blessing to post it anyway. Not so much a blessing but a demand. So here I am and now…

Now summer has officially arrived, I am going for a Twisted Lemonade.

9 thoughts on “You might be a stalker if….

  1. Kristi Campbell

    Dude! You are on fire today! Whoop! I love that you included Rockwell's “somebody's watching me.” I included it too when we actually hosted this topic on TMTT, like a month ago (I'm still cracking up that you did the wrong topic and love you even more for it because it's so something I would do). I am SO glad that you posted this and linked it up with us even using the words “yes I did the wrong topic.” HA! Funny.
    Here's my post from, like a month ago 😉


  2. Janine Huldie

    I was a bit confused, but then saw the ending and love that you posted this one up anyways, because you truly did pick some great stalker like songs. And loved the Gonna Git You Sucka reference, too!! 🙂



    You have more than my blessing! I am just happy you played! It's so much fun, and you get a do-over because next week is 1960's vol.2! And seriously, I love Blake Shelton, but I find Miranda's personality a little volatile, and maybe even ….. crazy? Eh. Perfect stalker list!


  4. Lance

    “talk like a switchblade so no one can take you down”

    Sebastian Bach has tweeted me before. So, of course, I had to listen to some skid row for a whole week.

    good picks, wrong topic or not.



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