The day we tortured Boo

We are surrounded by the ocean/beach. How we had Boo, a child terrified of sand and all that is beach is still a mystery to us. But we are determined to make her a beach bum. Every summer we take her and in the beginning it is horrible. But last year for the first time Boo stood on the sand! It took crocks, socks and a pretzel stick. But she did it!

It took a lot of work for her, but we were all so proud. This year Boo walked on the grass so I (mistakenly) thought she was ready for the beach. Sure she freaked out at home when I took her socks off and made her walk barefoot. But it will be great, right? We put the girls in the jeep and drove onto the beach.

Big mistake. I swear it was the windiest day of the year. Boo did not handle it well. The poor thing whimpered for an hour. We tried everything. Including hiding her under a blanket.

Unfortunately we choose the windiest day of the year for her first attempt. It was so bad a friend left because her husband was being so cranky! At one point we looked down the beach and thought it was fog, but nope it was sand from the dunes.

You can see her trying to be brave. She was watching Allie have fun and but didn’t realize Allie was having fun. She thought the waves were hurting her sister.

But in the end, after about an hour, we finally gave in and packed up to go home. All we heard was “I no like” (hey a sentence). Once in the jeep life was calmer. For the first time she didn’t panic in the jeep at the beach.

So progress was made.

Then today we got the notice that the beach is closed through most of July due to some endangered birds. Apparently birds take precedence over summer fun.

I think if Boo realized the reprieve the birds gave her she would do a happy dance.

7 thoughts on “The day we tortured Boo

  1. K

    Aww…that brave face tugs at my heartstrings! I have a brother who doesn't like the beach either because he hates the feeling of sand. Awesome to hear that some progress was made though!


  2. Becca

    Awww!! I remember when Samantha first walked on sand – it was…interesting. 🙂 Sounds like it wasn't all bad an attempt! Hope the next time (in August) goes better!


  3. Kristi Campbell

    Poor Boo! Although that pouty face is to die for cuteness and “I no like” is TOTALLY an awesome sentence!
    Hey by the way – love how the Our Land banner looks here – it's poifect. And your blog looks extra pretty today too 🙂



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