How not to get the mom of the year award.

No, this is not a post a poor me post. There are days when I know I am not being superwoman.  There are only so many balls I can juggle. Between mom, therapist, doctor, worker and wife.

There are days when I forget to put a sandwich in the lunchbox. Yes, I did, not this morning but recently. I have sent Allie to school three days in a row without bathing her. No she didn’t stink. At least I hope not. I have tried to convince Allie not to attend her school social events and forgot to feed them lunch on the weekend. Unless cookies and yogurt count.

On Monday I seriously took the cake of so-not-mom of the year. Okay, I ate the cake that I had hidden from the girls. In the closet. But I digress.

Boo had a field trip. After the last field trip there was no way I wanted to go and work provided a handy excuse. Since I was already taking time off this week for another of Boo’s appointments I could not justify being out of the office. Of course as so often happens, husband was also working.

I sent Boo on a field trip by herself. Okay, not herself, she was with her aide. I did have her tag pinned to her back letting anyone who may find her, if she wandered, what to do. I was a nervous wreck. But I left her anyway. She may have been the only preschooler without a parent there and she couldn’t care less. From what I am told she had a fabulous time. I still worry that I have scarred her by not being there.

As we got ready for the day my husband and I were talking about how we couldn’t go with Boo and how nervous we were. As I dropped Allie off at the bus stop she said:

Why are you so upset about not going on Boo’s field trip? It’s not like you have ever gone to any of mine.

Yup, not only is Allie the master of the understatement she is also the master of Mommy Guilt. Her revenge?

The Spring Concert. Tonight we are attending the grades 1-4 Spring Music Concert. As Allie is in 3rd grade that means we have to sit thru two grades singing two songs each and then the intermission. Did I mention the Bruins first Stanley Cup game is tonight?

The one upside to not winning mom of the year is that I won’t have to dust the mantle for display purposes.

10 thoughts on “How not to get the mom of the year award.

  1. Stephanie Sprenger

    Well, your comment about eating the cake in the closet made me laugh out loud, and then I CRINGED when Allie dropped the bomb about the fieldtrips. Ouch. And ouch for me too- my daughter has said the SAME thing to me, because, as a working mom, I haven't been able to go on any field trips. And yeah, I'd say sitting through that concert is penance enough! You are a great mom. And thanks for always being so real in your writing. Love it.


  2. Sylvia

    I doubt if Allie meant it the way you took it! But I know how you feel! We are all just trudging along in life doing the best we can. You may not be able to go on field trips while other “queen of field trips” moms have other things they can't do! It all balances out! Don't feel guilty! You have no reason to!


  3. Maggie Amada

    That mantle is way too much work, Kerri. You're awesome whether you're mom or the year or not. I personally think it's good for kids to do stuff without parents hovering or maybe that's just my personal rationalization for missing field trips. 🙂


  4. Kae James

    Aw man. Allie definitely dropped the bomb and is now eating her cake while you guys watch her concert. I know that hurt when you heard that because I felt guilty just reading it. Don't feel too bad Keri, your doing a great job trying your best to juggle many things. You should get an award for that!


  5. Jean

    My son went on his first field trip a few weeks ago at the age of 3 and I didn't go with him. I thought everybody was fine with that until he came home and then the guilt trips started. I think they're built with that ability. It's ok, they'll get over it someday. Totally at our expense!



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