Well we are half-way there

It’s official. We are half-way through the year. I cannot believe six months have gone by so quickly. I feel like just yesterday I was trapped in the house with two children and no wine.

Since it is July 1st I thought it would be a good idea to see how I’ve been keeping those darn resolutions. Short story, it starts great but doesn’t end well.

#1 begin running again. I am counting this as a win. Sure it took me until the 2nd week of June to start, but I’ve done a 5k and that freaking counts.

#2 Be a better friend to others than they are to me. Well, this one is a 60/40 split. I know I have taken way more than I have received. But I still have time to even the score.

#3 Give up Diet Coke. Again, it took 4 months for it to work. But I am officially 2 and a half months sober. Is it considered sober to be without diet coke? I know I am not as energetic.  Still counting it as a win.

#4 Hugging the girls versus screaming at them. Based on this past weekend I am definitely failing in the hug department. Although I do let Allie use my hot tub for a bath so that should add to the bell curve. Plus it is summer so I won’t be screaming over homework.

#5. Read more, watch TV less. Damn Kindle fire. I am definitely watching less TV but now spending more time playing Words with Friends. Julie can tell you this is true. Although since she is often winning in our battles she might be kind. Epic fail.

#6. Less time venting, more time rejoicing. Yeah, kind of failing at that one too. Tia will keep me honest with that one.

#7. Keeping a cleaner house. Let’s see between blogging, working, Words with Friends and dog hair….yeah I cannot even justify this one. Sorry. I just really don’t want to dust.

#8. Finding balance. I think of it as becoming more of a contortionist than a gymnast. No balance required but a chiropractor would be handy.

Along with a maid.

How are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions? I cannot be the only one with a barely passing grade!

15 thoughts on “Well we are half-way there

  1. Julie Sparks

    Well one way to keep all your resolutions is to … not make them! lol

    I never said I was going to give up WwF (although I've been trying to cut back, really, sort of …, maybe not)

    I have cut down on my soda intake this month dramatically mainly by having fruit soaked water in the fridge at all times. I have been eating slightly better too. I had actually lost 4 pounds last week … and gained it all back with a night out on Saturday. Not fair! Worked out this morning so that is something.

    Really don't make any resolutions when it comes to the kids. Just take each day as it comes.

    I wouldn't call you an epic fail so much as a work in progress!



  2. Ruchira Khanna

    You are doing awesome Kerri.

    I am still struggling with using hugs versus shouting at my kid…gosh feel bad after each episode.

    I did start the resolution of exercising more and honsetly there are days when I slack.

    Getting there 😉
    happy monday to you!


  3. Considerer

    Hah. I think my post about failing spectacularly on all of mine came about two weeks into January. And then the one about failing my Lenten resolutions came about a week into Lent.

    Since then I've taken up a diet, and that's stuck. And exercise, and that's stuck. So I figure I need to resolve less and let these things happen organically.

    Hope you get your balance back.


  4. Terrye

    I gave up resolutions for Lent in 1998. 😀 But I can sympathize. My house is dirty, the kid is dirty, meals are far from a well balanced anything, and I'm so far behind in returning comments, they might take away my blogging rights. 😀


  5. Rich Rumple

    Thank God I didn't make any New Year's Resolutions this year! I actually feel like I'm achieving for a change. lol But, really, giving up Diet Coke?!?!?! That and coffee are the only two liquids that enter my body … besides maybe a chocolate milkshake once every two or three months. At least I know what chemicals I'm drinking vs. trying to figure out what's coming out of the water treatment facility! 🙂 Good Luck!


  6. JenKehl.com

    I didn't even bother this year. I can't take another year of failed resolutions! Some of yours sound good, but I know I would fail. House is actually messier than it was last year, because last year I was a lazy blogger. But hey! I gave up Diet Coke. Just kidding, I never drank Diet Coke. BUT, way to go on the 5K! That is enough I think!


  7. Lisa Nolan

    What a great idea for a blog post, now I know what I'm going to think about at 3 a.m.! Better get out the blogging journal! Seriously, I'm with you on about half of your “half-way” resolutions! (Read my latest post “When one doughnut is not enough”. Bet you can't guess what that one is about! LOL! Kudos on the 5k, it makes up for a dirty house any day!


  8. Kristi Campbell

    I agree with Lisa that the 5K makes up for all of the rest of them. Considering one of my resolutions was to be able to have an accident-free period and I've continually failed at that, I'm not sure I'll ever get half-way there. So you're rocking this resolution stuff. Totally.



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