Thanks, Joy

Joy, my friend, has gifted me with the Versatile Blogger award. And of course there are rules to taking the award. Kind of like the thank you note your mom used to make you write your grandmother.

Rule #1. Thank and link the blogger. 
Rule #2. Tell seven facts about yourself
Rule #3. Pass it on to seven bloggers
Rule #4. Link to specific posts on their blogs so they’ll be notified by pingback

So here we go!

Rule #1, done

Rule #2 Here are 7 facts about me you probably would rather not know:

  1. I am addicted to M&M’s
  2. I paint my toenails but not my fingernails
  3. I am wearing the ugliest t-shirt right now. Allie made it for Mother’s day. So you know, I am taking one for the mom team
  4. I have never watched Mad Men, Downtown Abbey
  5. I don’t understand why people go on reality TV then are surprised when they get arrested for not paying taxes.
  6. I think mismatched socks trend was invented by a mom who decided to forget looking for that lost sock and convinced her daughter she was cool.
  7. I have never been arrested. Yet.

Rule #3 pass this award to seven bloggers.

  1. Julie at Julie’s Boyz
  2. Kerry at Transcending CP
  3. Tatum at Ain’t no Roller Coaster
  4. Sylvia at Faithful Mom
  5. Liz at Four Sea Stars
  6. Misty at Meet the Cottons
  7. Stacey at We are the Brothers B

I’m not too sure about the whole pingback thing. So dudettes you’ve been tagged 🙂

Oh and Joy, thanks for letting me blog-sit last week. I hope I didn’t leave too much of a mess.

2 thoughts on “Thanks, Joy

  1. in the coop

    I have never watched either show, either.

    All of my kids go out the door with mismatched socks on a regular basis, despite the fact I have only purchased white socks for the big kids. You are correct. It was a mom.

    Congrats on the award. I always knew you were versatile. 🙂



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