You’re beautiful

Do you ever feel beautiful? Nope, me either. Jen had the best prompt this week, to make a mix-tape for those you think are beautiful. Okay, not really. The rules state: Make a mix for a friend of songs you think are beautiful. Either because they make you happy, they are musically composed in some way because they are pleasing to you  or they just plain make you think…this is beautiful. (that doesn’t always mean happy)

See, I am trying! I even put the rules right up there so you can make sure I paid attention. But then I thought it would be more fun to make a mix-tape that show my friends why they are beautiful. To make it a true mix tape, I have added both in real life and in blog life friends. Well, at this point they are all friends to me.

Added bonus, I get to drive Jen crazy.

Jen gets my first song, because she is beautiful when she gives me the rules of life. She also has the best smile and laugh ever, next to Boo. Jen is just one of those generally nice people whose beauty radiates out. Even when she is laughing at you and not with you.

Kristi gets the second song on my list. She has a smoking hot voice, probably from smoking. The song doesn’t make me think of her, but the video does. Can’t you just see Kristi falling into one of her drawings? She is a superhero in real life and I just know she would save the cute boy from AHA in the end!

Becky gets song number three. Becky has the most beautiful eyes. You know that friend that you don’t have to see often but when you pick up the phone they are there? Becky is probably the most overextended friend I have. She is there for anyone who needs it. Be it a room, a meal or for her to volunteer in every classroom even if her child isn’t in that grade.   With Becky you are never alone. And well, those sisters could rock.

Song number four on the playlist is dedicated to Boo’s aides, teachers and therapists. They just radiate beauty. Each one of them shows a beautiful love, affection and determination to make Boo be the best she can be. I believe in my heart that every one of them love Boo as much as she loves them. They have given us the tools we need to be brave.

And the final song for this week’s mix-tape is for Kate who not only shows the beauty of a child with a  cleft pallet but she shines a light on something most of us know nothing about. Kate not only opened her heart and her home to children most turn away from, she gives them the world. She also makes me snort my wine, but that’s beside the point.

There are so many others that I think are beautiful. But my goal is to at least follow one rule, so I only picked five. Oh, and Jen? I mess up the linky tool every freaking week! But I am attempting it one more time…but if it’s wrong every one can listen to the Best of tapes.

10 thoughts on “You’re beautiful

  1. Julie Sparks

    lol I love your songs! And you ARE beautiful! Your blogs always make me smile and since we all know everyone looks better with a smile you spread beauty wherever you go. Now to meet you in person …


  2. Kristi Campbell

    You are the bestest friend ever. I love that you gave me a-ha. Love so much. I'd forgotten how amazing that video is. I would totally save the hot boy. Also? Your other choices are pretty beautiful, too. As are YOU, beautiful friend. Thanks so much for including me. And my man voice. I mean my smokin' hot voice.


  3. Considerer

    Ha! If we're going for the SONGS then particularly the last.

    If it's jumping on the bandwagon with the people Kerri picked, then okay, particularly the second (though having never heard your voice (your presence is still conspicuous by its absence at the WDVB, my dear) I couldn't possibly comment as to its inherent 'smoking hot'ness)


  4. Dana Hemelt

    This gave me chills (in a good way), Kerri – what a wonderful mix tape! I know three of your friends, and your songs for them were perfect. I only have one issue with your post – you don't ever feel beautiful? You should. These five amazing friends you write about – why do you think they are your friends? Because YOU are beautiful. I say so.



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