I should be a Gold Medalist

I deserve a medal for the time I didn’t kill David when he told me he was taking me to the theater. I got dressed up. And I mean dressed up. Short skirt, thigh-high nylons, high heels and did my hair.

I looked like a tramp. But we were still in the dating, I want him to love me phase of the relationship. Okay, I probably didn’t look like a tramp. But if Allie ever wore that outfit I would lock her in the attic.

Off we drove to Boston. Dinner at Legal Seafoods. I was feeling great and he takes me to the theater.

The Omni Theater.

At the Museum of Science.

To see Everest (wicked cool).

Attended by a bunch of kids on some type of boy scout field trip/sleep over (not so cool).

The fact that I did not need bail money proves I deserve some type of medal.

I will take Olympic Gold please.

How would you finish this sentence? I deserve a medal for the time I…..

Finish the Sentence Friday

13 thoughts on “I should be a Gold Medalist

  1. Janine Huldie

    some of the outfits I wore back in the day, I so would not let my girls wear. Not sure how I was allowed to leave the house sometimes and they weren't even that bad I suppose by today's comparison. But yes you do deserve a medal for not going postal on him for this and thanks as always for sharing and linking up with us!!


  2. karen

    that is just too funny! I think I would have been arrested for some of my outfits too…though more for looking like a pyscho though…LOL..

    we sure thought we looked back then, right?



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