31 for 21..okay 30 for 21 I am a day late :)

This post appeared last October when only about 3 people read my blog! Anyway, I am reposting it today to explain why I am participating in the 31 for 21 Challenge and why I am so thankful for their Community adopting other children who do not have Down Syndrome.

In typical Kerri fashion, I was a little late in following the rules.

(originally posted 10/12/13)

I am trying to participate in the 31 for 21 challenge. Typical me, I am already late! But better late than never, right?

The 31 for 21 Challenge is in celebration of National Down Syndrome Month. Although Boo does not have Down Syndrome. A lot of the therapies created for kids with Down Syndrome work for her. So in appreciation…here we go!

Sign language has been key to Boo’s development. Without it I know Boo would still be non-verbal. For Boo, she learns the sign then pairs the verbal/sign and eventually she shouts the word (music to my tortured ears!).

Because of Boo’s speech therapist works primarily (weird coincidence!) with Down Syndrome children, she was an expert in sign and really believed Boo would benefit. C was so right. Boo still uses the more sign, although she will say it in tandem. Signs work for concepts, more than items now. Especially open and close. Boo relies on her signs to get her wants across when words fail. I find that when Boo is tired, she will sign more. C believes that there is more motor planning involved with speaking. Whereas signing is a visual concept Boo gets more readily. She can watch how the sign is formed, unlike a verbal command where so much is done internally.

Her first sign was “more”. I loved “more”. “More” meant Boo would eat (Teddy Grahams were a great motivator). Boo would sign for “more” food, bubbles and bounce. More gave way to “water”, “open”, “book”, “close” and “bubbles”. She signed for “puppy” and  “please” (did my proper mom’s heart proud).

It sounds weird to say this, but thanks to Down Syndrome Boo has benefited greatly. Without her knowledge of signing with Down Syndrome children, C might never have decided to teach us how to sign. It is due to the trials of Down Syndrome children that my Boo was able to communicate. In thanks for them I ask you to come and join me in grabbing the 31 for 21 Challenge button!

5 thoughts on “31 for 21..okay 30 for 21 I am a day late :)

  1. Michelle

    Glad to have you along for 31 for 21 – thanks for taking up the challenge! It's not often you hear someone, outside of the Ds community, be thankful for Down syndrome! 🙂


  2. Janine Huldie

    I truly never would have thought of this connection, probably why I don't have my special license, but still so glad they did and benefited Boo so much. Also, loved your shout out here for the program and Boo's therapist. Just happy to get a better general understanding from your re-post, so thanks so much Kerri 🙂


  3. Dana Hemelt

    I didn't know you last October so I'm glad you reposted, Kerri. The only thing I know in sign lanuage is “more” – my hungry kids loved using it to ask for more food. Thanks for sharing, and you will rock this challenge!



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