The Ultimate Soundtrack

When making my mix-tape this week (on time!) I tried to stay current and then realized that the last 4 movies I have seen were from Disney. Oh, and Grease since that is Boo’s current obsession. Proving I am a product of my teen years my ultimate soundtrack would have to include:

We should probably live by the line: Just once in his life a man has his time and that time is NOW and I am coming alive?

If you are going to have a soundtrack then you need John Cusack to pay your mix tape. In a boom box outside your window.

I always felt bad for Ducky and after St. Elmo’s Fire I never really liked Andrew McCarthy anyway.


I fell in love, LOVE, I tell you with Lou Diamond Phillips thanks to La Bamba and of course he played the best Young Gun…

Bon Jovi, Lou Diamond Phillips and a great song? What a way to end my teenage years. But uh to live like a teen in my mix tape, if only Cusack would be in my driveway. Cause I know, just know, if he went to my high school he totally would have crushed on me.

11 thoughts on “The Ultimate Soundtrack

  1. Becca

    Anything that was in a John Hughes movie would be good for me. LOL Btw, you're missing Don't You Forget About Me!!! How can you “forget” that? I heard it on the radio this morning and was really, really happy. 🙂



    We're twins! We're twins!!! I only didn't do In your eyes cause I'm saving it. You'll see 🙂 This list is meeeeeeee!!!!!!
    I knew there was a reason why we liked each other so much. Apart from the fact that we're both crazy!



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