Okay, I cannot believe she did it. DJ Jen took my crazy idea for a mix-tape and is making you all suffer from my craziness. The good kind of crazy, I think. I hope. Hey it’s Thanksgiving no one is reading posts this week, right?

Here is what happened: I’m driving along and almost got rear ended by a little old lady who couldn’t see over the steering wheel. In the background was Toby Keith:

I wasn’t hit in the head, like you might suppose, but it clicked in my head this song could make me go to jail. If I followed the directions. At least that is what Tipper Gore told our moms in the 80’s….

Just think, you are innocently listening to Steve Miller and realize that the cops will never catch you. So you decide to become Bonnie & Clyde or Joe &  Bobbie Sue….

After watching Grease for the 999th time this week you start to think hey the Beatles might be a good influence for Boo. You find Sgt. Pepper on ITunes and the next thing you know you are getting a little high with your friends. You begin growing strawberry fields while you see Lucy in the Sky. Then Don from Don of all Trades knocks on your door.

Of course you have no other choice but to RUN!

Thanks, Jen for letting my mix-up mind take over your Twisted Mix Tape!

7 thoughts on “Jailed!

  1. JenKehl.com

    I love this! You did an awesome job, I love how you made it a story 🙂 Thank you so much for this topic, it was the perfect light hearted topic for a week bound to be full of craziness!


  2. Kristi Campbell

    Awesome way to play this week! I'm hoping to eek something out tonight but I'm not sure (preschool drama, observations, illness, bleh). And I agree with Lance that Radar Love is totally underrated. If I start seeing photos of Boo playing in Strawberry Fields, I'll help to organize an intervention.


  3. Rich Rumple

    I almost used Radar Love, but decided against it at the last minute. (Great Minds!) Okay, so we shared Steve Miller … it happens! 🙂 I'll forgive you for Toby Keith (I haven't like him since he attacked the Dixie Chicks), especially since you included the Beatles! Well done!



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