Last New Year’s Eve we were freezing our asses off in front of her fire place. She had this brilliant idea to go someplace warm for Thanksgiving. Eleven months later we were on our way. She was smart and flew down. Us? Well we were cheap.

Driving 27 hours in a car with your husband and two children leaves you 27 hours to amuse yourself with random thoughts and would be tweets if only I was talented enough to tweet and drive at the same time.

Hour 1 wow the girls are being so excellent. Why the hell did we pack so much crap?

Hour 2 no it is not time for a snack (husband)

Hour 3 thank goodness for rechargeable batteries and this doohickey thing that lets you recharge anything while driving

Hour 4 husband and girls asleep, I have control of the radio and not one person is talking to me

Hour 5 If Connecticut is in New England and therefore obligated to be a Boston sports fan why am I listening to the NY Rangers hockey game and not the Bruins?

Hour 6 New York  drivers are fruitcakes.

Hour 7 Dude from Maryland, when entering the NJ Turnpike and the sign says DO NOT SLOW DOWN you are not supposed to come to a complete stop in the EZ pass lane.

Hour 8 Suri, How long is the New Jersey turnpike? (FYI 122.4 miles)

Hour 9 Boo wakes up because we stopped for gas. Abby wakes up because she needs to throw up. I guess NJ will do that to you.

Hour 10 Apparently Delaware has decided to balance their budget by having a toll every 50 feet

Hour 11 Maryland has a specific area on I-95 for DUI enforcement. But you can drive anywhere else on 95 drunk?

Hour 12 Virginia’s answer to unemployment is to hire State Troopers and place them every 50 feet.

Hour 13(3 am)  Holy crap I’m tired

Hour 14 – 16 sleeping as comfortably as you can in the front seat

Hour 17 wake up because Abby kicked me in the head

Hour 18 New York drivers in North Carolina are still fruitcakes

Hour 19 The Border does close. In South Carolina anyway. When you drive through the night and arrive at 7am. After seeing their signs every 2.2 miles for the last 50 this was kind of a disappointment.

Hour 20 How can the battery in the IPAD, IPOD, DVD Player and the IPHONE all need charging at the same time?

Hour 21 They should make turn signals optional in cars. Since no one seems to use them think of the money they would save.

Hour 22 I owe my mother a debt of gratitude for giving Boo head phones for her birthday. They were such a great idea we got Abby a pair too.

Hour 23 If you have to have a sign that says Bridge Ices Before Highway can you please have a sign that says “Hey you, the one trying to exit the highway from the left lane there is a turn signal on your steering wheel”.

Hour 24 Dinner!

Hour 25 I just realized that no one has asked “are we there yet”

Hour 26 We are so close….

Hour 27 how many red lights are there in freaking Florida?

The end of hour 27 we made it! Welcome to Cape Coral



10 thoughts on “27

  1. Janine Huldie

    I am from NY and yes many of our drivers are fruitcakes, lol! But seriously give you props, because being int he car with my husband and kids for 20 minutes can be trying let alone 27 hours!


  2. Julie Sparks

    Ah, I am with you! I love car trips (I am terrified of putting Alan on a plane — seriously, if he has a meltdown will he cause the plane to crash? Or just one of the other passengers to stab us with a nail file?) I almost spit out my soda at Abby having to throw up in NJ. Glad the end result was worth it! 🙂


  3. Dana Hemelt

    I always pray that the kids are looking down as we pass South of the Border, so we can drive right past it. So far so good! That is a long time in the car – we are heading to Disney in April and it will be about a 15 hour ride.


  4. Kristi Campbell

    Dude. You are so brave. When I first moved from Denver to DC, I used to drive back to Denver with my dog. It's about 26 hours. And it sucked. Remind me to tell you the story of when I caved in, got a motel room at 1am and left it at 4am because I was too scared, and couldn't sleep.


  5. Heather

    Back when I was married my ex and I made twice yearly trips to NC from AL to visit his family. I don't know which I disliked more the South of the Border signs or getting suckered into making a stop there.



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