I messed up…

I messed up the mix-tape. Again. Surprised? I had a great post about Christmas music. On my list I had a hippopotamus, a donkey and Adam Sandler. Then I read a tweet from Jen and realized I missed posting last week. So I scrapped my list and started over, hence the really rushed mix-tape: Addiction.

I could take the easy Robert Palmer way out but I am up to the challenge! Here are the songs that say I am addicted to you:

I was thinking if some one was actually stuck on me. Ewwww.

He was so brutally handsome she got addicted to the fast lane?

Look if Kenny was addicted to me, I would come over. Like RIGHT NOW.

Sir Elton knows plenty about addiction!

How about you, what song says you are addicted to love? Join me over at Jen’s and link-up your mix tape.

10 thoughts on “I messed up…

  1. JenKehl.com

    Don't tell anyone but I love you most. I love that you are constantly mixing up the tapes and I LOVE that you could put this together so fast. And Stuck on You AND Life in the Fast Lane??? Brilliant!



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