Having Abby and Boo gives me a split view of the world. I am Abby’s mom–that typical mom doing homework, planning activities and navigating the world of tweendom. I am also Boo’s mom–therapy planning, advocating, educating others and most times trying to do my very best.

Being a mom of two completely different children has allowed me to realize that being a ‘special’ mom is sometimes easier than being a typical one. For example,  this morning with Boo I didn’t have to:

  • Deal with eye rolls
  • Have wardrobe fights in the morning
  • Listen to her talk back
  • Tell her to clean her room
  • Get her to understand that clearing the table doesn’t mean just dumping the table contents onto the nearest counter
  • And tonight I don’t have to help Boo do homework

Of course, I also didn’t have help her in the bathroom.  

7 thoughts on “Easier?

  1. Janine Huldie

    Oh god, I am truly not looking forward to tweendom with two girls and especially the eye rolls. Seriously hope and pray that they don't get to this point too quickly now, because I seriously not ready in the least!!


  2. Dana Hemelt

    I used to think it was easier to be the mom of a boy than a girl. But my boy is creeping toward his teens and is starting to rival his sister. Just breathe in, and breathe out. And then go hide in your room.


  3. Misty @ Meet The Cottons

    i don't know what's happening with my computer, but the last few times i have tried to post anything anywhere the screen shifts and all my typing disappears! ugh! back to what i was trying to say…..we took the month off from after school therapies so i'm having my first taste of “normal” afternoons with the kids. and it's wonderful. it'll be so hard to get back into the swing of things next month!



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