Boo goes to the Movies

We took Boo to her first ever movie theater experience. We were worried, she did great in the drive-in but who doesn’t have fun doing a sleep over in the back of a truck? Boo doesn’t do well with really loud noises and we were a bit concerned that she would be overstimulated.


We did not count on the popcorn. Or should I say her new favorite food (she does take after me!). We got a large popcorn and I think she ate 99% of it. She did get nervous with the noises but that didn’t really stop her from devouring the kernels.

Afterwards Abby asked her if she liked Frozen. Boo’s response: Princess Popcorn

Hmmm sure kid.

So it was a success. Except the movie theater is in the same plaza as her therapies. Every time we enter the parking lot we hear:


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