My blogging goals for this year are not so easily defined.  I really don’t have any! If I had to list goals, and I do because the FTSF ladies told me to, it would be:

Okay, totally stumped here. I mean, it’s a blog and its mine I should have some type of goal. Right? I started the blog more as a mind-dump/stress reliever more than anything else. It has evolved into something more. So much more.

I have regained, found, created and been given friendships I didn’t know existed. I have become an advocate, a humorist, and sometimes self-pitying mom. I have helped and been helped. I have counseled and been counseled.I have laughed, cried and been shocked on this blog.

I never knew words, my words, could hold power. I never realized back in June of 2012 when I started this journey that I would find support in my backyard and as far away as Australia. 
I guess my blogging goal for 2014 is to continue and grow. Thanks for helping me do both! 
Finish the Sentence Friday

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