Nature vs. Nurture

When Abby went through her princess faze it made sense. She loved princesses and we indulged her. Grandparents bought Princess sheets, coats, dolls, play sets. We went to Disney and got their autographs. Today, at 10, Abby will still watch a Disney movie with awe.

Boo wasn’t as exposed. Boo for the most part watches her IPAD and hangs out. She doesn’t seem to attracted to anything other than music. Give her a toy and it will gather dust until I donate it to another child. 

Then Princess Sofia happened. Quite unintentionally (because nothing else was on I am sure) Abby watched the program.

Boo fell in love. 

I wasn’t too sure how much until we went to a birthday party and gave her friend a Princess Sofia. Boo tried to steal it back (hello, typical child!). For her birthday we gave her a Princess Sofia doll. Typical Boo, she wanted it kept in the box. Abby wouldn’t put up with that–dolls are to be played with! Boo carried the doll around for a minute and then it ended up under the table. She went back to her IPAD. 

Until bedtime, when FIA had to come to bed with her. (hello, typical child!) Over the past month or so Fia has been brought in and out of bed, never played with. For Christmas we had no idea what to get Boo and she needed a backpack so viola! When she returned to school she excitedly showed her backpack to everyone. Fia backpack she yelled. 

Yesterday Boo discovered that she could watch Sofia the First on her IPAD. Which let me tell you is a nice break from the Austin & Allie Christmas special and I no longer hear her yell HOOKER. 

She sees the Disney sign and yells PRINCESS (new word!).  I thought with Boo I would skip the if it was pink, plastic and princess it would be in my house. 

Good thing I never got rid of all Abby’s things I had moved down into the basement!

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