Taking pride

About a year ago I asked you what is something your child is REALLY good at? I mean something they can do that is just spectacular. They don’t have to be a broadway star, but something they excel at. Like climbing the neighbor’s tree faster than you can hit the snooze button on a Sunday morning.

Boo, for example, has had a great year full of accomplishments. Things that you will never find in a parenting manual, an IEP, growth chart or maybe put on your families Christmas letter. Here is a list of things that Boo has not only accomplished in 2013 but become really good at:

Boo learned to turn off and on lights. Of course she seems to have mastered the skill of turning the light on that you do not need and plunging you into darkness when you are taking a shower and shaving your legs.

Boo continued her mastery of taking off her shoes and throwing them out of vehicles. She managed to throw her shoe from the back seat, over the headrest and out the front window. 

Boo jumped. Over a line. Thankfully she hasn’t managed to jump off the top of the counters yet. Although she did jump into a pool while on vacation. Thankfully M was there to catch her. 

Boo hosts dance parties in the kitchen. The other night while doing dishes she told me “dance” and gave me my IPHONE.  Abby videoed it with her IPOD and is currently blackmailing me to get out of cleaning her room.

Boo found her voice. We can now understand more of what she is trying to tell us at the top of her lungs. I blame her SPT for her outdoor voice. SPT has informed me that she has met Abby and in now way is she taking full blame for Boo’s volume. Or the fact she said “fuck” clear as day in therapy. I’m not taking the blame for that either. Although the grandparents had been visiting….

Tell me, what is one thing. Just one thing that your child does that makes your heart swell with pride? 

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