Spring break

Remember when Spring Break was bikini’s, beach, drinks, sun and fun? Yeah, me neither. Going to college in your 30’s makes Spring Break very different than when you are barely 21. 

It’s even more surreal when you are old, gray and traveling with children.

The upside is there is no hangover, no worry that there will be a picture of you dancing on the bar and no fear that you woke up next to a serial killer.

Instead you wake up with a child drooling down your neck while your husband hangs on to his 1/4″ of the bed the other child is trying to knock him off of.

Another upside is you stay in your parent’s spare room so you save a boatload of money. They house you, feed you, supply you with the alcohol they once banned and bonus watch your children!

They also take you for pedicures

Let you make wine:

You can cheer your older sister on while she crashes your father into strangers:

You prove you are never too old to hunt for Easter Eggs

You have some Tea with Grandma

You ride some horses

You take your first selfie on the big girl swings

You dance on stage

Then you settle in for the long ride home

Like I said, it is very different than Spring Break is very different than how it used to be. But it sure was fun!

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