It hasn’t happened yet

Yesterday was preschool graduation. For the third year in a row I did not attend. As I was leaving another mom said, oh are you too upset to stay? 

Truthfully, no. Cause it’s year three and she will be going back today. She will take a one week break and be back the first of July. Boo does not get summer vacation (thank goodness) and she will not be moving on to Kindergarten in the fall. It is not meant to sound harsh or like I am upset. I am not sad at all that she is not graduating with her peers. I am overjoyed. Heck I am thankful that we are not facing Kindergarten next year.

I’m doing the happy dance.

You see, Boo has the best and I mean best ever pre-K teacher. One that loves and cares for Boo in a way that makes my heart ten sizes to large. Miss Trisha is the reason Boo was enrolled into the special education program. She is the reason Boo has made such significant gains. Miss Trisha is the reason Boo was included in the best ever ABA program headed by a team of professionals that but the child before anything else.

I am consistently amazed at Boo’s willpower and progress. Three years ago when she entered the pre-K classroom she had (maybe) 10 words and 20 signs. Now she shouts MISS TISHA OME ERE.  When Boo was screened for the pre-K program she was using a pediatric walker. 

Today she jumped around in a circle with her friends. Yes, she danced while they walked around in formation. But she was present. She was in the moment. She was having fun. This is the year Boo made friends. For real. Friends that invite her to birthday parties. 
Friends that do not let her sit on the sidelines and just observe. Friends that taught her how to play tag.  Friends that on a field trip at the Zoo make sure she keeps up. 

Not only did she help Boo up she celebrated afterwards

This marks the first field trip I attended with Boo that I did not cry afterwards. Afterwards her teacher asked if I was okay. Because to Miss Trisha all of us are her responsibility. 

This year Boo made friends. As in more than one. Ones that will keep in touch and be a part of her life for a long time to come. Girls and boys who play with her not along side of her. Children who run to hug her in the morning and interpret her language when there is a new child or substitute therapist. 

But for the first time the pre-K non-graduation makes me wonder not worry about what September will bring. How many more milestones and leaps she will make developmentally under the love of Miss Trisha? It is breathtaking to imagine.

No I did not attend Boo’s pre-K graduation. Because it hasn’t happened yet. I will be there in the front row when it does. But I plan on that not happening until Miss Trisha retires. 

Somewhere around Boo’s 18th birthday.

10 thoughts on “It hasn’t happened yet

  1. Janine Huldie

    Aww, Kerri I am totally smiling at that last line and trust me when I ay that I do have Emma starting Kindergarten next year and yes totally nervous, worrying mom here for sure. So actually a bit jealous you get another year in pre-scoop.


  2. icansaymama

    Miss Trishia sounds like the best teacher a girl like Boo could ever have! I am so happy that she can stay another year at pre-K.
    And I am happy that you could attend the first field trip without crying!! xoxo
    As for Boo having found friends this is something so important and I am so glad she found her peers!
    Cheering with you today!! Woo hooo!

    BTW, what exactly is the difference between pre-K and Kindergarten?


  3. Julie

    Oh I LOVE Miss Trisha!! She rocks and I am so proud that Shannon had her for her pre school teacher. Boo is an amazing young lady and I am just so happy for her to be doing so well!! xoxo


  4. Kerri Ames

    Hi Joy
    Nice to hear from you again. Pre-K used to be called nursery school now it is more of a kindergarten prep. And her friends? They are the freaking cutest


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