School’s out for summer! (Oh crap)

Today is the official end of the school year for the girls. Seriously I don’t know why they even had to go today. I mean really, a Tuesday and it’s a half-day. If the school God’s loved us school would be year-round.

Apparently the kids bribe better than the adults. Because here is what I get to look forward to for the next 70 days. That is SEVENTY days and nights of
70 days I will hear: why can’t I get a pool?

70 nights I will hear: can I have a sleep over?

70 days I will hear: I’m bored (at the 71st time I reserve the right to go into the bedroom with a Hefty bag to get rid of all the toys that are boring)

70 nights I will hear: but it’s too light out to go to bed

70 days I will hear: why do you have to go to work

70 nights I will hear: please just one more ice cream

70 days I will hear: I don’t like sunscreen

70 nights I will hear: My burn hurts

70 days I will hear: the ocean cleans me

70 nights I will hear: can I take a longer bath

And on the 71st day they will hear me exclaim: TIME FOR SCHOOL!!!

How do you plan on spending your summer vacation?

3 thoughts on “School’s out for summer! (Oh crap)

  1. West Kentucky Mom

    do your kids watch Phineas and Ferb on Disney? the theme song says something like….there's a hundred and four days of summer vacation…. my kids only have 67 days of vacay, we are officially down to less than six weeks left of summer vacation, so i am slowly plotting a move to Danville where evere that is!


  2. Dana @ Kiss my List

    The ocean cleans me – love that! I don't hear I'm bored anymore – my kids could laugh around all day. That's what they are doing today, until I make them do something productive. But really, they have plenty of days when they are busy, so I don't mind the occasional lazy day. I can catch up on my blog reading!



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