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A not so little wish

I used to love Christmas as a child. Before the freaking elf was invented, Christmas was fun and full of magic. My mom used to get upset with me when it came to Abby’s Christmas. I would never tell her it was Christmas Eve. She would just wake up (at her normal time) Christmas morning, surprised to see all the gifts.

It was perfect!

She got up at a reasonable hour, I received the best gift ever–not having to answer every single night if Santa was coming.

Then the grandmothers conspired against me.  Continue reading

When did I blink?

“Mom, when can I sit in the front seat?” said my child who is still small enough to use a booster seat but old enough that she wants to be the tween.

I remember the first time I had to place her in a car seat. How it took us three hours to figure out how even install the thing. I remember when we would keep her strapped into the car carrier while we grocery shopped.  How I didn’t know how to put the car carrier on the grocery cart, so I put it inside and piled up the groceries around it. (Least expensive shopping trip ever).  Continue reading

Today matters

Bridget has never obtained her milestones on time. There are some milestones we will never be able to record. Rather than dwell on those unattainable moments, I focus on the unique to Bridget milestones. Ones we never expected and the ones she worked so hard to accomplish.

Last week we had an epic milestone. Well, three milestones wrapped into a big one. Continue reading

Not quite a Wordless Wednesday

Milestones are awesome. Unexpected milestones, well. They are my favorite. This weekend we (gulp) gave away Bridget’s walker. She hasn’t used it in 3 years. But donating the walker was a big step for me. It meant I finally stopped worrying that she would have some catastrophe and not be able to walk.
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Milestones met but not

Bridget lost her first tooth the other day. I don’t know when it happened. I didn’t even know she had a loose tooth. Had I not been brushing her teeth for bedtime the milestone would have gone unnoticed.

I put her to bed, like normal. No mention of the missing tooth or the tooth fairy.

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