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Dear Seventeen

Dear Seventeen Magazine,

Last week I purchased your magazine for the first time in over 30 years. Let me offer my congratulations to your continued success. I am also in a kind of shock that I purchased a magazine for my teen that my mom purchased for me.  It seems that as much as the world has changed since my teenage years the more it has stayed the same within teen stardom land.

It is because the world has indeed changed that I writing to you. I bought the current issue because my teen is currently obsessed with all things Sabrina Carpenter.  This photo is how I won best mom of the day award. Continue reading

My Challenge: Bridget’s Friend that became Mine


I have met amazing friends through Bridget. Our village has expanded in ways I never would have imagined six years ago. When I first met this friend I was so intimidated. She has the best sense of humor, is gorgeous, more empathetic than I could ever hope to be and is seriously the girl you want to have as a forever friend. When she told me she had a challenge to share, I was honored that she trusted me and you the reader with her words. Continue reading