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Mirror, Mirror on my wall

I am not a fan of the mirror.

When I look into at the image the mirror, I see Rosannadanna hair and a face only Cher would love in the movie Mask. I see the long front teeth that got me nicknamed “bucky” by a vengeful cousin in JR High. I used to hate going into the bathroom that said “Bucky was here” where a chunk of the counter was chipped. Continue reading

My Challenge: Bridget’s Friend that became Mine


I have met amazing friends through Bridget. Our village has expanded in ways I never would have imagined six years ago. When I first met this friend I was so intimidated. She has the best sense of humor, is gorgeous, more empathetic than I could ever hope to be and is seriously the girl you want to have as a forever friend. When she told me she had a challenge to share, I was honored that she trusted me and you the reader with her words. Continue reading

My Challenge: Laurie


I am in awe of today’s My Challenge. I have to offer full disclosure here, I’ve known Laurie since we were in High School. Now our kids go to school together. That is how fast time flies. Last summer Laurie faced a life altering event. I thought her story was so important and compelling I asked her to share it here in the My Challenge Series. I am so thankful she was willing to participate.

Laurie is a nurse, not a professional writer, which makes her words even more powerful. Please welcome my friend… Continue reading

My Challenge: Kerri, yes me



Today’s Challenge is one of my own. I have to admit I love the Christmas season. Not the season that starts the day before Halloween, but the true Christmas season that begins at noon on Thanksgiving day when Santa appears in the Macy’s Day Parade until the evening of Christmas Day when we sit around with our families and just connect.

Then I had children. Continue reading

My Challenge: Kerith


Today I am so happy to introduce Kerith from Brielle and Me to the My Challenge Series. Kerith is the mom to two beautiful daughters, one with CMV (cytomegalovirus).  Kerith is sharing another challenge today, one we can all relate to in the pre-holiday season: our weight and the importance of making ourselves a priority.

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My Challenge: Anna


As the mom of two girls, both who seem to have inherited my grazing habits instilling healthy eating is difficult. It does not help that we are naturally petite and until 40 could eat Hershey Bars for breakfast without remorse. Because both David and I are very active we are raising active kids.

But it is not always easy. Especially on long homework nights and the general craziness that happens with two children having multiple activities. To help with that Challenge I am so proud that Anna from FitFunner is here today on the My Challenge series. Continue reading

My Challenge: Coach Eli


I am so excited that Coach Eli is willing to share his Challenge today. I admire Eli so much. First because he coaches girl soccer. I would rather have a root canal. He is the dad to three incredible daughters. He is the dad you want your kid to have. One that balances being a dad with being a coach with being the soft place for his girls to land.  Okay enough gushing.

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My Challenge: Jenn

I am so very lucky that my friends have been willing to be open and honest with their challenges. I would like you to meet my friend Jenn (also known as Jenn Said). Jenn and I met in High School when my parents had the brilliant idea to move the family from the suburbs to the boondocks. Okay, not really boondocks but it was a culture shock for sure. Jenn and I graduated high school and drifted apart as our lives went on.

Then I met David and he “introduced” me to one of his best friends: Jenn. I am not sure who was more surprised. We fell into that old friendship like you pull on that pair of comfortable winter pajamas and never took them back off. 

Without further introduction, please meet my friend Jenn and her Challenge.
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